18 March 2008

shop is now open!

i finally opened a little shop on etsy. i've listed mostly baby trays there for now and will add others soon. check out the shop is now open icon on the left of my blog to enter the store and start shopping. A big thanks to those that encouraged me to take this step of offering my trays to those outside the Kansas City area.

06 March 2008

smoke...but no fire

i love trying new recipes. this one came from a recent issue of Better Homes & Garden. these blueberry scones were easy to whip up and they filled the house with smoke. the butter in them melted off of the cookie sheet and into the bottom of the oven, and wa-la smoke. luckily it was a nice day and i threw open the doors. and oh my....i will be making these again. i loved them!

05 March 2008

one bag at a time

i've really been trying to recycle. i started about a year or so ago using these reusable bags. my favorite one is the dark blue market basket. it has a collapsible handle and it really holds a lot. i keep all the other bags inside of it in my car. so when i go shopping i've got them at the ready. i love that we don't bring home all of those plastic shopping bags anymore. doing our part of saving the earth one bag at a time! i recently saw that tuesday morning had these market bags for $9.99.

04 March 2008

picket fence trays

i finally finished up this batch of picket fence trays. they are for sale at Now & Then in Downtown O.P. they are a nice size to use for serving or to set on a large coffee table or ottoman. i like them all but think the tray with the travel posters on it is my favorite. probably because i'm itching for a vacation.

special order tray

a special order tray for angela. one of my favorite papers. love the birds and those postage stamps.

one day of spring weather....we'll take it!

aaahhh the signs of spring. it was a beautiful day on Sunday....windy as heck, but 74 degrees! we took full advantage of it and spent most of the day outside. the boys had a blast racing down the hill in our side yard. maguire on his german race car (a $3 purchase last summer at a garage sale that he bought with his own money) and cooper on his little tykes car, that used to be big brothers. i lost track of how many times they went up and down. even little cooper can push his car back up the hill all by himself. luckily we got the race on video because it is a hoot to watch them race down.

it's so fun to see them play together. maguire is such a good big brother and cooper really enjoys hanging out with him.

the sky was beautiful.... so blue. and you can just start to see the buds coming in on the trees. it won't be long before these big beautiful trees are providing some much needed shade on a hot summer day.

our black top driveway makes for one really large chalk board. i love to see the kids drawings on the driveway. it's a sure sign that it's been a warm day.

a teeny tiny tinge of green starting to show on some leaves. i'm anxious to see my spring bulbs come up and to spend some days in the garden. even though we're back to chilly days now, sunday was a glimps into what lies ahead. we've even seen a few robins out and about. it won't be long now!

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