24 September 2009

small signs of fall

the weather is feeling cooler and i am seeing small signs of fall every where. while at the market today i picked up a couple of small pumpkins. with the basement remodel underway and all my decorations packed away, this might count as my halloween decor. but i really doubt i can for-go the witches, bats, skeletons and other fun decorations i have collected over the years. not mention the boys love when i make the house look all spooky.

i also picked up some pears today. they look simple in a white bowl and in a few days will be so yummy as a healthy snack.

i am having my family over for dinner tonight so i baked up this homemade apple pie. i also have a big pot of chili simmering on the stove. wow, does my house smell yummy!
i love the sights and smells of fall....bring it on!

23 September 2009

under construction

finally getting around to finishing our basement. stay tuned.....

22 September 2009

harvest moon hoedown

we recently co-hosted a harvest moon hoedown party. there were four couples hosting this party and it was so much fun. i worked with some fun and creative girls and it did not seem like work at all. the party was held at the farm of a friend of mine. we had this huge chalkboard at the entrance to welcome all the guests.

this party was for our school. each grade has one and ours was for the parents of the second grade. donations are collected and they go toward our counselor and spanish programs at the school. a picnic basket to hold the donations and name tags were at this table that was also at the entrance.

cowboy punch, wine, and beer were provided for thirsty cowboys and cowgirls.

all the hosts' contributed to the food. we had so much yummy homemade food, by the end of the night it was gone.

another food table with the beautiful barn in the background.

yummy homemade desserts and some grab-n-go snacks.

tables were set up outside and each had a freshly picked from the garden bouquet displayed in a what else? a boot!

fall decorations and a huge cowboy star added to the atmosphere.

the BB gun activity was a huge hit.

every hoedown needs a bonfire....

and makings for smores!

we also had a hayride pulled by a tractor. music and a little bit of dancing at the end of the night. cowboy boot cookies with 'happy trails' tags were party favors.

i think everyone had a really good time. the weather was beautiful and a great group of parents!

15 September 2009

big fun sale

for those of you that attended my Big June sale this is the post you have been waiting for! friends of a feather, gathering again for another big sale. mark your calendars for OCTOBER 9 & 10th.
again we will have items from several local artists, fabulous re purposed finds (for all you junkers out there, you know what this means!), vintage clothing, homemade sweets and breads, and just a whole lot of fun.
this is one of the reasons for my lack of posts lately. i have been a wee bit busy gathering great junk and also working on a couple new lines of trays. i have also been working on a basement remodel...i will post some during photos of that later.
hope to see you at the sale!

oh my....

has it really been one month since my last update here? oh my goodness, what happened to the time? have i really been that busy?! i suppose so.
i also noticed that it was 2 years ago, this month, that i started this blog. (hmm..mmm..i'm thinking a giveaway is in order!)
stay tuned....i promise an update tonight, and a post soon about a "2 year blog birthday" giveaway!

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