25 February 2011

farmhouse friday

{farmhouse friday: drool worthy houses that i fall in love with}

21 February 2011

get it done

was my motto this weekend.

i purchased this old shipping crate probably 6 months ago.
4 months ago i found the wheels at a second hand store for $2 each.
and until this weekend, they have been sitting in the basement.
total project time:  7 minutes.
why does it take me so long to just
get things done?!

16 February 2011

pillow and plates

while out thrifting this week i  found this lovely pillow.

i just love the ruffle around it. 

 embroidered on the back is paper white.
which apparently is some upscale linen company.

i originally though it would make an appearance in my booth.
but now, it's looking beautiful on my bed.

and then today, i found these fun plates.
there are no markings on the back. and found nothing by using google.
they appear vintage to me, but i am not sure.

 i think they are adorable with a capital A.
i scooped up all 4 of them.

anyone know anything about these?  leave me a comment if you do, and hey, about just leaving me a comment today even if you don't know anything about them.  ;) 
you'll make my day!

14 February 2011

valentine's day

{image found here}

love like there is no tomorrow.
love, with your whole heart.
love yourself first.

happy valentines day!

11 February 2011

farmhouse friday

{farmhouse friday: drool worthy houses that i fall in love with}

i think my plans for my summer vacation just changed!
you can see more photos of this lovely farmhouse
by clicking on the link above.
enjoy the weekend!

09 February 2011

10 minute solution

my four year olds problem today: 
"how can i make a wish
if i can't see the stars"?

my 10 minute solution:
make a paper star garland.

now, he just has to look up,
see his stars
and make a wish.

 problem solved! whew!

08 February 2011

done with the cold weather

i've gotta go where it's warm.

07 February 2011

mom, we're bored

a lazy saturday morning.

the boys were using up their allotted wii time
and i was catching up on my favorite blogs.

i am so glad that i did.

late saturday afternoon i heard those three little words...
mom, we're bored!

and i knew exactly what to do!

i copied kasey buick

 i had read her blog saturday morning
and saw that she had painted a wall dark for her children.
and then let them draw all over it!
remember this sealskin colored wall i painted last fall?

nope, it isn't chalk board paint.

it is just a dark, flat paint.

and yes, it wipes right off with an eraser or damp cloth.

so i jumped in too,
i didn't want to miss any of the fun.

and we ended up going a wee bit crazy.
we covered most of the wall.

but it kept us busy, the boys thought it was ultra cool,
it was a fun activity for a cold day

i am now having second thoughts on repainting this wall back to cream.

thank you kasey for such a fun idea!

what do you do when your kids are bored? 
leave me a comment, i'd love to hear!

04 February 2011

farmhouse friday

{farmhouse friday: drool worthy houses that i fall in love with}

high temperature today...23 degrees.  brrr!
i decided to have you inside for farmhouse friday.
have a seat in this french farmhouse kitchen,
 i have a vanilla latte and cranberry scones to serve you!
still cozied up from the blizzard...3rd no school day...yeah!

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