28 November 2011

in the still of the night

i think i must admit.
that, the still of the night,
is the most favorite part of my day.

i try to stay simple.
but sometimes the days get too busy.

it is at the night, when the boys are tucked in,
and my small lights cast a warm glow,
that i relish the calmness.

i make the coffee for morning {knowing i am unapproachable without it},
ensure school papers are looked over and signed.
lunches made and a things are picked up.

i often sit, for a minute, and realize how lucky i am.
to have a beautiful home filled with warmth, soft glowing lights,
and an abundance of love.

take a minute, and count your blessings.
and then breathe....deeply.

22 November 2011

small room decorating

so excited yesterday when i received the current issue of Small Room Decorating and to see my home featured on page 44.
such a lovely article, so well written by gloria gale.
on newsstands until Feb. 2012.

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