19 April 2008

a big dig party

maguire is turning 6, i can't even believe it. where has the time gone? he's decided on a big dig construction theme party. how cute are these invitations?! birthday's are a big deal in our family and i'm always up for the challenge of making some fun invitations. the invitation is the first thing party guests see, and i'm a believer that they should get them excited about coming. i found these small dump trucks and bulldozers. i printed out the party info using the computer, then rolled up the info and taped one end of it into the construction vehicle. added a tag with the name of the guest and we'll hand deliver them next week. maguire even helped and he's so excited to deliver them. more party details as they unfold.

a good junkin' day

i went junkin' friday afternoon and found some fun things. most of these items will be painted, or repurposed. i'm always on the look out for trays, and i love the white wood tray that i found. we have a june date now for the Back Porch sale. such a cute sale that I participated in last year. i'll have trays for sale along with junk day findings. more details about the sale to come. not only was it a good day of junkin', i came home to the latest issue of country home magazine in the mail. doesn't get any better!

15 April 2008

special order

a couple of trays for a client. the large tray with travel posters is probably my new favorite. also just love the rooster paper. it really pops against the black tray. they'll be off to their new home today....thanks C! enjoy!

12 April 2008

let it rain

we've had a couple of rainy days lately. thank goodness we all have our boots to wear! stopping in puddles, one of my favorite pastimes with the boys.

05 April 2008

cute wood animalz

i found these adorable wood animals today at target. they are made in Australia (called animalz) and they were 50% off in the clearance bin. cute and a bargain! little cooper loves them and once we got home with them we played with them for a long time. he made animal sounds and hopped them about. then at bedtime he chose an animal book to read and sat his new wood animals on the night stand so they could listen too.

01 April 2008

shop update

these two trays have been added to my etsy shop today. the one tray has vintage italian wine labels. this tray would be perfect for a wedding gift or for serving drinks to some thirsty friends at your next gathering. the other tray has postcards, stamps, letterhead, all kinds of paper-y things on it. i just love it. head over to my etsy shop to see more details on these beautiful trays.

a batch of trays for spring

i just put the last tag on my latest batch of trays. these are heading to Now & Then today. i love the blues and greens and this large square tray with handles, is not only my best seller, but one of my favorites as well. a couple of small trays too. they are great for serving yourself a cup of coffee and a muffin, or for using on a coffee table for all the remotes. they also are workhorses on a desk for corralling all that stuff that somehow appears.

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