22 February 2012

still the one

when we remodeled our kitchen 7 years ago there was one thing i new i had to have...

a farmhouse sink. 
you can find them in all price ranges.  i found mine at home depot for 800 bucks. 
at the time it seemed to be a splurge.  but after using it for 7 years, it's still the one thing i'd put in again.
it's a real work horse.  it hides a ton of dishes when you don't have a minute to get them in the dishwasher,
it has been a bath tub for cooper when he was a baby, and it also makes for a great chiller for beer and wine when we're having a party. 
thinking of one of these for your kitchen?  i say go for it!!

it's wednesday....linking up over at Faded Charm!  tons of entries at Faded Charm today, check them out if you have time.

17 February 2012

garden visions

with temps in the upper 50's today my mind is wandering to my vegetable garden.  i would love to put in a pea gravel path this year.   won't be long and we'll be out there working away...i can hardly wait!
cheers to the weekend.

16 February 2012

check it off the list

i posted about our porch at the end of the year. 
but thought i would re post with photos that were taken in the daylight and with our new garage doors on.

again the winter weather has been so lovely that we have been using the porch so much already.

the new garage doors really finish it off.  i picked one with arched windows to mimic the arch on the windows of the house.

this project has been a dream of mine for 7 years.
it is fun to finally see what was in my mind become a functional space.
big huge hug to mr. traybella for working so hard to make it possible.

guess the saying is true:  if you can dream it, they can build it.

i feel like we really added an entire room to our home.  not to mention oodles of curb appeal.
check front porch off the project list.
i'd love to hear what you're dreaming about...leave me a comment!

14 February 2012

wine & dessert party

last week over at faded charm i posted a teaser for my wine & dessert party.  thanks for coming back over this week to see the results.

 this is hands down one of the easiest parties i throw.  let's break it down step by step. 

setting the dessert table:  start with a white table cloth (or in my case a sheet...love using sheets, they are large, inexpensive and can be thrown in the wash easily).

 next i layered on some lace.  these are actually curtain panels.  use what you've got! 

next gather all the display dishes you'll be using.  place them on the table.  sometimes it's helpful to add a labeled post-it note to each dish so you'll know what goes where.

 i made these food markers out of small wood photo frames, candle cups, and some stain.  i used black card stock and a white pen to look like a chalkboard.  you can also use chalkboard contact paper, but i just can't write that small /nice with a piece of chalk.  so i opted for this idea instead.

 don't forget to add some height to your display by using a basket, some books, or a box. varying the heights makes it pleasing to the eye.

 here i used a wood box to corral the plates and napkins.  just adding layers and visual interest.  a tray would also work...again, use what you have.

 the flowers in the galvanized bucket are fake. but i added some real sticks from the backyard.  helps to make it appear real.  i like the height that they add to the table.

the picture that i have hanging on the wall is always there.  i just took a dry erase marker to it and added the XO's and the word LOVE to work it into the display.  after the party, simply wipe away.

 i made and hung tissue paper flowers from the ceiling.  easy, cheap and so quick to make.  i think they add to the party atmosphere.
 and finally, add all of your desserts to the table.


 regular and chocolate sugar cookies....

 chewy chocolate cherry bliss bars....

all homemade and looking lovely and yummy.  guess i forgot to take a full photo of the table with the desserts, but you get the idea.

it really takes no time to set a dessert bar up like this (minus baking time!).  treat your friends to something special and invite them over for wine & dessert.

Happy Valentine's Day!  i'm linking up again to Faded Charm for White Wednesday.  AND to the Valentine link party at Dear Lillie blog.

07 February 2012

the makings of a party

i've got party prep on the brain this week.
what it is about planning a party that makes me get so many projects done?
i'll try to get a few more posts out this week on some of my projects and then tune in next week for the reveal of the party pics.

hello to everyone that has come over from her blog and added themselves as followers.
it's lovely and appreciated to have you here!

02 February 2012

5 year old photographer

blog post brought to you today by five year old cooper!
a lovely little photo session with my son this morning {says he wants his own blog someday)
i told him he could share mine, until he was older.
his assignment today was to take 5 photographs.

it was fun to see what he took photos of.

a few photos of his artwork.

no surprise that a photo of kamari showed up.

when i asked him "why did you pick these subjects to photograph?"
he said "because they make me happy".
i gave him an A+ for his lesson today.

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