13 August 2009

a need for speed.....at three

it is hard to believe that my baby turned three last week. but he will always be the baby...right? it has been fun to see him, the second born, grow up. he has grown up so much faster than the first born. he also has his very own, very opposite personality. he loves all things fast, and loud. especially motorcycles, which is why he had to have one on his birthday cupcakes.

he is a true free spirit. never sits still, always has those crazy curls blowing in the wind. my mom says "he's just like you were". i suppose i am still most like that....free spirit and can not sit still.

he really thinks he is one of the big boys now by riding his motorcycle bike, that he got for his birthday, around the cul-de-sac with the big kids.

so a big three year old birthday last week, and off to preschool come september. such a big boy, but will always be my baby.
happy birthday baby!

05 August 2009

dear gretchen

this post is going out to a dear blog reader of mine....gretchen.
gretchen purchased this striped chair from me at the big june sale.
recently i received an email from gretchen telling me how much she loves the chair and how it has changed her life. imagine that, a chair, changing someones life. but it did. and since she took this chair home with her, she has also redone her dining room chairs to go with it.
she stated that because of me she has gotten back her passion for interior design. how cool, wonderful and unexpected is that?! i love to inspire people and it is rare that people tell me when i have in fact inspired them.
unfortunately i can not get in touch with her because i do not have her email address. so this post is for her..... for gretchen whom bought the striped chair...
a big thank YOU for telling me that i inspired you. your comment touched me in so many ways and truely made my day.
gretchen, if you reading this please leave a comment with your email address.

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