28 June 2009

photos from the big june sale

the big june sale was such a success! two great fun filled days, it took me awhile to come down off the high i was on. thank you to all my blog friends that stopped by and introduced themselves! it was fun to meet so many new people too.
sorry for the delay in posting photos. i had a busy week after the sale, and then i headed off to Paris for a week. i'll post a few photos from my Paris trip later this week, until then, here are some photos from the big june sale. enjoy!

my all time favorite chair....i ended up selling her. i am sure she is happy in her new home!

we will have another sale sometime early october. you can watch for an announcement here, or follow us on the friends of a feather blog.

10 June 2009

facelift : : zebra style

country, contemporary, mission, french country ...... are all styles of decorating. but why is there no zebra style category? i love, love, love animal print. you may remember my post about my new favorite zebra upholstered wing chairs that sit beautifully in my living room. i had left over fabric and have had this face lift project on radar for awhile.
a new coat of cream paint, new foam, and all dressed up in a jazzy zebra fabric. *heavy sigh* but how many zebra chairs does a girl really need? my intent for this chair was to give her a face lift and add her to my inventory for the 'big june sale'. i am not sure if i can part with it. i hate when this happens. i think she turned out beautiful!

this is a before photo. and i thought when i recovered her way back when that 'this' was my favorite. but that zebra....oh. my. goodness. i have such a weakness for it.
in all of her beautifulness i am putting her in the sale. it was meant to be if she doesn't sell and i will find a space for her. oh, and the ever so cute burlap coffee bean bolster pillow? love it too, but it is also destined for the sale. i always create in my own style and in the color pallet that matches my home. really i just create what i like and every now and then it becomes an occupational hazard. meaning every now and then i really want to keep it for myself.
back to the studio, i have more things to wrap up for the big sale!

09 June 2009

bits & pieces

a few items that will be for sale at the 'big june sale' this weekend. i stayed up way too late last night (did my clock really say 3:30am?!?!) and created these fun things. above is what everyone needs....an organizer. it started out as a boring brown shadow box, i heard it scream for a makeover at a recent garage sale. so i painted it white, lined the back with paper, added two extra wood slates to hold mail, magazines, school papers...you know, all that stuff that is all over your kitchen counter most days. i also added 3 hooks to hang keys and a clip board for a note pad or photo. the bingo card is just there for decoration for when you don't have something for the clip board. if i needed an organizer i would be keeping this for myself because i think it turned out really cute.

this little art piece would make an adorable house warming gift. the house/heart domino is a game piece that i picked up on my mothers day road trip. wish i would have picked up more, but at the time i had no idea what i was going to do with it. so this is one of a kind. the black mat is behind the glass and the other pieces are glued to the glass on the outside. who says all of the art has to be behind the glass?
what bits and pieces do you have laying around? think outside the box and create something from nothing for your home. OR be sure to stop by the 'big june sale' this friday and saturday!

06 June 2009

friday fun finds

oh how i love scrabble letters. and oh how i love all things with numbers. so you can imagine my excitement for this friday fun find!

my two favorites combined into these scrabble tiles with numbers! they are from a game called Numble. i have never heard of it, and i am not sure how it is played. but that doesn't matter because i just bought it for the game pieces.

and this old tool box will be the new home for the number tiles.

they will be joining all of these collected game pieces. and all of these (but not the cool tool box!) will be for sale at the big june sale next week.

the countdown is on for finishing up projects for the big june sale. this chair was also a fun find. it was originally red with an ugly fabric on the seat. this is her with her fresh coat of white paint, all sanded down to have a bit of red peaking through, and a cute stripe to cover her seat. she will also, along with other redone chairs be at the sale next week.
here is to a good weekend, and to getting projects done!

04 June 2009

kid kafe

our street is having our annual garage sales this week. yes, it pains me to wonder what great sales i am missing out on while holding my own. but sometimes, i have to clear the clutter.
instead of a lemonade stand, the boys decided on more of a breakfast stand. they sold muffins, coffee and cookies. it has been a bit cool this week so the coffee was a big hit! the muffins and cookies? SOLD OUT! next time you are pressed to have a lemonade stand....think of doing a kid kafe instead and let me know how it goes.

01 June 2009

backyard birthdays

one of my favorite things is backyard birthday parties. it must be the old fashion-ness of them that i love. i hold out with these kind of parties for as long as i can (see putt-putt golf party post below). so we now have two parties.....one with school friends and a family party.
the fact that we have summer birthdays makes it really easy to entertain outside. the kids love it because they just run around and have fun.
good food, good company, and always....homemade ice-cream!
how do you celebrate your birthdays?

putt-putt birthday party

i have been meaning to add these photos to my blog because this was such a fun and easy party. almost a month later, here they are......

we generally have our birthday parties at home because i just love at home birthday parties. but this year maguire decided he wanted to have a putt- putt golf party. i could not imagine 14 kids in my backyard with putters and golf balls. all i could see were broken windows.

so if your birthday people want to have a putt-putt party, i hope this post gives you some fun ideas. enjoy!

step 1: make cute invitations to get invitees excited about the party.

step 2: find a location. this 18 hole course that i found is close to our home. they had a party room and took care of the pizza, drinks, and paper products. probably one of the easiest parties i have ever done.

we had a beautiful day....warm and sunny. the water was probably the biggest attraction.
the golf balls float if putted (or thrown!) into the water. nets were available to fish them out.
a big hit with the boys.

step 3: make or buy a cake to fit the theme. i usually make my kids birthday cakes. this one is a little bit half and half. a local bakery made the base and i made the golf ball that went on top. a simple flag with a seven was the same flag i used on the invitations.

step 4: send them home with fun party favors! the location we had this at also provided a frisbee and we added iced sugar cookies to them. iced sugar cookies are our standard party favor. the kids always love them, they are relatively easy to make the night before, look festive all packaged up, and are a fraction of the cost of all that trinkity stuff that ends up in the recycle bin.

step 5: be sure to write thank you cards to all your friends that brought such beautifully wrapped packages!

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