31 January 2011

stocked up

they are calling for a major snow storm
 to hit kansas city tomorrow.
they are calling it 'the big one'.

we stocked up today on:
books at the library
makings for a couple pots of soup
chocolate and wine.
let it snow!

28 January 2011

farmhouse friday

{farmhouse friday: drool worthy houses that i fall in love with}

such a beautiful setting.
enjoy your week end!

27 January 2011

dig yourself out...

of the snow and come and shop the Burlap JunKtion booth!

vintage market south open this weekend:
friday, january 28, 10am-9pm
saturday, january 29, 10am-5pm
sunday, january 30, 1pm-4pm
7930 Lee Blvd, Leawood
hope to see you there!

25 January 2011

so what does it take...

to get a project done that i started two years ago?!
apparently a snow day.

 i made a quilt for my older son and have been wanting to make one for cooper too.
two years ago i cut apart all the pieces to his crib bedding.  the bumper pad,  dust ruffle, etc. and added a few extra fabrics too.
about a year ago all the squares were sewn together and it was supposed to be under the tree this year for him...ahem...didn't happen.
but last week, on a snow day, i unburied the sewing machine and finished this project up!

 at 10pm that night, while he lay sleeping, i covered him up with his new {and finally done!} quilt.
felt so good to tuck him in, know that he'd be warm on a cold winter night and to finally have that project finished. 
i am always so surprised that it never takes me very long to finish things.  but that's me, the starter not the finisher.  cest la vie.

we also loaded everyone up this past weekend and went sledding. 
so fun!
and our local news says that this is almost one of the worst winters on record?
not around this house hold.
hope you're staying warm!

21 January 2011

farmhouse friday

{farmhouse friday: drool worthy houses that i fall in love with}

old barn turned into a home...just love this story.

18 January 2011

coffee filter ruffles and a giveaway

 i love to use things for a different purpose
 than that of which they were intended for.

so why can't 100 coffee filters
and 8 hot glue sticks

 be layered and turned into
a beautiful, if i do say so myself,
skirt for this lady??

 i recently found this mannequin at a thrift store.
i covered here with book paper but thought she still
needed something else.

so the hot glue gun got plugged in, and now she's wearing
a beautiful ruffled skirt which are all the rage these days, no?

 i would love to keep her around, but i really have no place for her.
i mean really, she can not live on the coffee table in my living room.

 though i do like the statement that she makes.
i also quite like her in my front window.

 but my neighbors would surely think i have gone off my rocker if
i had a mannequin in my front window.

and if i had the coffee shop of my dreams
i would for sure have her in the window of the coffee shop.

because i think dressed in her coffee filter skirt,
she would look right at home in a coffee shop window.

 but i do not.
so i will sell her in my Burlap JunKtion booth
and hope that she goes to a good home.

i would like to give her a name before i send her off,
and this is where YOU come in!

 i will tempt you with this lovely necklace.
that's right, it can be yours.

all you have to do is tell me, in the comments,
what name you think would be good for her.

 if you add yourself as a follower {and tell me if you do}
then i will add your name to the drawing twice.

contest ends saturday, jan. 22, 2011 at midnight (cst)

i will post the winners name on sunday.
{please make sure that when i hit reply that i am able to send you an email.
if i can not get a hold of you i will have to chose another winner}.

i will chose the name for her that i like best.

all comments will then go into a hat, and i will draw a winner.

good luck!
contest is also open to you overseas girls!  comment away!

comments are a now closed,  and the winner is:
please contact me with your address

thanks to all of you for playing along, i chose JAVA JUDY as her name!
and she looks amazing in my booth...photos coming soon!

i'm linking up over at Faded Charm for white wednesday.  hello to everyone
that came from there!

a winter meal

straight out of the february issue of country living magazine is this awesome winter meal.

 super easy and quick to throw together.

served with some crispy rolls, this is a meal that will for sure please your hubby. 
i made it just as the recipe stated, but omitted the olives, and added some yummy grated irish white cheddar cheese over the top.
if you're in a cooking rut, put this on your meal plan this week!
{you can find the recipe here}

17 January 2011

school auction art project

i freaked when i found out
that i would be doing one of
the third grade class auction items.
there are 19 kids.
and not a big budget.

but let me tell you that
 after 19 kids painted on the background,
and 19 hands were traced and cut out,
and one artist friend with fancy dancy handwriting
added her special touch {thank you JANE}...
i am in love!

with our final piece!
this is a large 30x40 canvas.
all 19 names are also written on the sides of the canvas.
ended up being such a
art piece.
i can not wait to see how much it goes for!
{school auction is feb. 12}

i'm linking up with making monday marvelous (MMM) over at c.r.a.f.t.
please go check out all the other awesome projects!

14 January 2011

farmhouse friday

{farmhouse friday: drool worthy houses that i fall in love with}

looks like a charming place.
wish i could visit.

12 January 2011

newspaper logs

 some time ago i found an old paper log roller at the thrift shop.
we have had so much fun recycling newspapers into these useful fire starter logs.
{don't worry dad, i'm not burning them in the fireplace}
we still have a shake shingle roof and my dad says its a sure ingredient for a fire because
of the embers this kind of paper would put off.

 so we burn them in our outdoor pit.
but when i'm not burning a real fire indoors, i like to have these resting in my fireplace.
i love the simple look of them.
and equally like that it's another way to teach the boys about recycling.

linking up with white wednesday over at faded charm!
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11 January 2011

tiny pies

if one is your favorite number then today 1-11-11 is your day!

 and one
is all you'll need
of these
tiny pies.

made in a muffin tin,
just the perfect size
for that sweet fix.

10 January 2011

a day off...from school

our first snow day of the year!
so glad it fell on a monday..woo hoo..three day weekend.
after a busy weekend of
pinewood derby
and more soccer
we can for sure use this day to
might just venture out to a new sledding hill that i found
we may just stay in and play games all day.
so fun to get a free day!

~update:  we went sledding!  so much fun!!
but forgot the camera...dang it~

07 January 2011

farmhouse friday

{farmhouse friday: drool worthy houses that i fall in love with}

 cute house,

to die for barn.
it's 26 minutes from my house.  
there are several other out buildings too.
be still my heart.
i want to go look at it.
i don't think i could ever live in it.
when you add the house numbers all together...
they = 13.

05 January 2011

happy new year & wine wednesday

i am a wee bit late on wishing everyone a happy new year. 
we had a fantastic weekend in st. louis, so much fun!  more on that later {when i figure out how to get my photos off of my new digital camera...ahem}.

hope you all had a fantastic time ringing in the new year...i think i was actually in bed by 10:30.  yep, we party hard.

my favorite gift given and very well received this christmas was a wine bottle to mr. traybella.

i made a new label for it that read WINE WEDNESDAYS.
so from now until death do us part we will be having wine wednesdays.
just he and i.
after the kids go to bed.
no t.v.
no cell phone.
just chatting the night away.

of course we didn't need a designated night to drink wine.
but i am trying to be a better wife and we can't always get out on a date.
so we'll just stay right here in the comfort of our home.
with a winter fire going.
or pool side come summer.

wine wednesdays:  like it, love it. need it.
cheers!  to being a better balanced person this year!

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