28 April 2010

today's happenings

what a perfect day today.
it was cool in the morning and turned out warm and sunny by mid afternoon.
just absolutely lovely. 
i am having coffee with a sweet friend tomorrow. 
i wanted to take a little something with  me (i love every reason to take a hostess gift!)
so a- thrifting i went this morning,
and i found this coffee pot. 

then stopped off at the garden store and picked up some thyme.
tucked in a stick from the yard to hold my tag and tada...
a lovely little something for my sweet friend.

i also put a few other pots together for may day on friday.
it is the only time i let the boys ring the bell and RUN!

aaahhh...my favorite color of blue...swimming pool blue!
our pool was opened today and that means summer is right around the corner.
i can hardly wait to sip cocktails by the pool all afternoon while my pool boy fans me with a banana tree leaf. (ahem...you know i'm kidding, right?!)

i even had time to mow the lawn for the hubby today.
that should get me a few points!  (he hates taking care of the lawn).
exhausted from the day, this was all i was in the mood for at dinner.
more of an appetizer, but i like appetizer dinners! 

oh, and look who didn't even make it to the dinner table. . .

guess helping mom and playing was too much for today. 
hmmm...this also means one thing.
that someone is going to be up with the sun in the morning!
hope your day was happy, creative, and exhausting!

26 April 2010

41st symphony designer's showhouse

if you live in the kansas city area, you won't want to miss the 41st symphony designer's showhouse.

i've set up a booth in the boutique with my friend joan.  check out extra photos of the Burlap JunKtion booth over at our blog. 

the showhouse is open until may 16th.  you do not need a ticket to shop the boutique.  check the sypmphony site for hours and more info.

benefits the kansas city symphony and it's youth programs.

22 April 2010

earth day

our family:
uses reusable water bottles,
takes our own bags to the market,
does not use styrofoam plates,
uses reusable containers in daily lunch boxes,
uses cloth napkins at the dinner table & in lunch boxes,
planted a garden,
has a rain barrel,

our family needs to work on:
turning off lights when we're not using them,
mulching more yard clippings instead of bagging them,
walking to the store more.

on earth day and every day
what is your family doing
to save the earth?

19 April 2010

mom of the year

it is national turn off your t.v. week.
and i am making our family participate.
and because of this,
i just know,
that i will be nominated for
mom of the year. 
i am excited for this challenge,
but know, that for the rest of my family,
this will be a very long week.

are you unplugging?

15 April 2010

time flies

it has been a week since my last post.....wow time flies when you're playing in the garden!
just love this time of year.  we are outside just about all day long.
digging in the garden,
planting vegetable seeds,
yard clean up,
reading books in the hammock,
and lots of popcycles.

these little gnomes are hidden in our flower garden. 
the boys love finding them, and rehiding them.

lots of herbs,
several kinds of lettuce,
and soon tomatoes.

and we noticed today that our lettuce is already sprouting up! 
what's in your garden?

07 April 2010

simple enjoyment {white wednesday}

good morning!  i am linking up again this week with faded*charm for white wednesday.
WELCOME if you are new to my blog, i hope you will add yourself as a follower and come back often!

i am a stay at home mom to two fantastic, fun and funny boys.  M is in school all day, and C is home with me, with the exceptioin of two mornings a week that he's at preschool.
instead of just throwing down the same lunch, on the same counter everyday....
i try to switch things up from time to time (if you know me...this is no surprise to you!)

we do have the traditional quilt on the ground picnic...often.  but sometimes we have lunch at a (as C calls it..) fancy table.  we talk about gross boy stuff,  i answer lots of 'why' questions and we also talk about manners.  because is it not my job to make sure these boys are upstanding citizens?!

for this table we used my large platters for our plates and talked about them being big huge plates for giants.

we also use just regular old clothespins to hold our table cloth down on a windy day.  this is an easy, and enjoyable job for C.

and then probably my favorite simple thing to do after lunch is to crawl up into our fort to read a few books.

we could spend all afternoon reading and chatting. 

so tell me girls . . . what simple enjoyments do you put into your day?

02 April 2010

cookies and questions

i was not going to make easter cookies.
but it is cloudy and stormy here today and well...i love to bake when it is raining.
i will deliver most of these to the neighbors because when i have cookies around i eat them.  and i am really trying to be good these days.

while decorating the eggs and rabbit cookies M, my seven year old, comes into the kitchen and surveys what i am doing.  then he simply says "why is it an easter bunny that brings the eggs?  don't you think it should be an easter chicken?  afterall it's the chickens that lay the eggs."  
sometimes being the mommy is hard....i had no answer to his question and just said "do you want a cookie?"
and then there is C, my 3 year old, who doesn't care anything about bunnies, eggs or chickens. 
he just loves his mommy's cookies!

easter blessings to all of you!

hello to my new followers this week and thanks to everyone that has left comments lately...i love reading them!

oh, and if YOU know why its an easter bunny instead of an easter chicken....please leave your answer in my comments.  thanks!  ;)

01 April 2010

easter treats

easter treats for preschool.
we can't do homemade treats at our preschool and at times it is difficult to come up with something that is healthy.
with it being easter week we decided on something festive.

eggs filled with cereal and some baby carrots.  easy, healthy and the kids loved it!

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