01 October 2012

fall porch

i love fall. so today i took an hour and cranked out some new cushions for the front porch.
i am always surprised how quickly i can get something done when i set my mind to it.
i used the old covers as a pattern and finished these in no time.
i had the fabric in my bin from two years ago.  i was going to be a shower curtain
when we finished the bath in the basement.  but it never got done, and then i changed
my mind (i know, not a surprise).  so i am glad i was able to put it to good use.
i had just enough to cover the seats and make some pillow covers.
eddie bauer fabric.  purchased at joann's.  two years ago.  they may or may  not still carry this.
thanks for checking out my blog today.  i keep pondering closing it down and then i occasionally
come back to it.  it is what it is.  :)

04 September 2012

VintageKC Magazine

the fall 2012 issue of VintageKC Magazine is out! 

hello to new readers coming from seeing my home featured in this beautiful new magazine.

please leave a comment and let me know you stopped by!

24 August 2012

use what you've got

i wanted to do something to recognize that summer has come to an end.
i quickly created a back to school theme on our mantel.
chalked the words "back to school' on a planter box and filled the glass urn with green apples from a recent visit to grandma's house.
use what you've got!

24 July 2012

herbs in the kitchen

it is hot.
and every time i would go to the garden for some herbs, they would be wilting.

so i brought them in to my kitchen.  right there when i need them.
and the smell?  oh my.....smells so good!

13 July 2012

perfect snack

nothing says summer like a fresh peach.
they are so good right now, i can't get enough of them.

09 July 2012

it doesn't take much

i try to keep it simple.

it really doesn't take much.

one simple, but large, seashell.
a simple decoration that says SUMMER!
i hope you're keeping it simple and enjoying all that summer brings.

14 June 2012


18 years ago mr. traybella put a ROCK on my finger.  last weekend we celebrated our 17 year wedding anniversary.  i can not think of much that i have done for that long (except live).  my how the time has flown.  we were married on the greek island of santorini.  on kamari beach there is a huge hill known as the ROCK.  the sand is black and it is extremely beautiful there.

 we have been back to greece since our wedding, but not lately.  there is something about greece that just feels like home when we are there.  we love it.  the architecture, the people, the food, the pace.  we would love to take the boys there to experience all that we love about it. 

all week i have been saying to myself, wow 17 years.  it has not always been easy.  there have been some ups and downs.  but this i know for sure, that mr. traybella always was and always will be MY ROCK.  excited to see what the next 17 years bring.  hopefully a trip back to the greek islands.

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07 June 2012

i always ask myself why

well hello there!  where have you been for the last three months?! 
oh, i am so sorry.  you've come to my blog and darn it that cookie recipe from march is still there. 
but not today!  surprise! 
i wish i could say that i have been absent because i have been scouring the flea markets of paris.
but not.
just busy with life.  thanks to those that have wondered about me and sent emails...you are too sweet!
so back to this post....
when i decorate i always ask myself why, and then i say why not! 
i like to use things for purposes that they weren't really intended for.
let me show you some examples....

why did i put lamps side by side?  why not!  now when i need a bright light i turn the big lamp on,

and when i need just a little bit of light, i turn on the tiny lamp.  my solution to a lamp that doesn't take a 3way bulb.

why do i leave silverware out on the buffet?  why not!  this allows the boys to set the table and be out of my way in the kitchen.

 plus i think it looks pretty. 

 why do you have different napkin rings?  why not!  we use cloth napkins at our dinner table.  i can't get them washed every night (and most nights they just don't get that dirty) so this way everyone knows which napkin is theirs by having their own ring. (i just hunted them down at garage sales)

why did you squish your dining table to it's smallest size?  why not!  when we aren't entertaining i like to have our table small.  it's more intimate and cozy this way.  makes me feel like i'm in a restraunt and who doesn't love that?!

why did you turn your candle holder into a flower vase?  why not!  this time of year i love to bring clippings in from the yard.  they last a lot longer than flowers, the green looks great with all my brown, white and black.  who says it has to hold a candle?

i have a constant gaggle of boys at my house.  someone is always saying "where is your trash can?"
i had this random knob laying around and now i can just say "in the cabinet with the clock handle".  not sure it's easier than saying 'under the sink on the left' but i like that it's different.  and why not?!

why do you have numbers on your bedroom doors?  why not!  i have a thing for numbers, and the boys love a hotel.  so there you go. 

why would you buy a dresser with no drawers in it?  why not!  to hold some of my vintage suitcases of course.  i see this piece having many uses.  if we ever get that back porch built, i have visions of this piece becoming a bar.
so next time you see a piece you love but aren't sure what to do with it.  think outside the box.  what else could it be? 
thanks for coming by.  comments are open, leave me a message and say hello!

07 March 2012

cloudy days

if it is cloudy out, i am baking.  today was no exception.

Farm-Style Oatmeal Cookies
These cookies were developed when most people  lived on farms (or in my case, dream of a farm!) and baked large batches of cookies to feed  their families.  Cookies were real multi-taskers; kids loved them, they kept a long time (not in my house) and they were welcome treats in lunch boxes for school or in the fields.

In this cookie the butter and brown sugar combination gives these treats an almost caramel-like flavor.  I'm sure you'll enjoy them!

The recipe says it makes 4 dozen.  I always get less, because I like to make my cookies BIG.  I also over bake (just by a minute or two) a few because crumbled over vanilla bean ice cream...you will think you died and went to heaven.

2 cups packed brown sugar
1 cup butter, softened
1/2 cup buttermilk
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 1/2 cups old-fashioned oats
1 3/4 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking soda
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup mini chocolate chips

Heat the oven to 375.  In a large bowl, mix brown sugar, butter, buttermilk, and vanilla.  Stir in remaining ingredients.

Drop by spoonfuls onto ungreased cookie sheet. Bake 8-10 minutes or until golden brown.  Remove
immediately from cookie sheet to wire rack; cool.

06 March 2012

top of the armoire

i recently painted my armoire white. i know, surprise!  i liked it, but thought it was missing something.  so i threw a large woven basket on top.  boring, but it seemed better than nothing. then, i went downtown last week to a few shops.  at a booth filled with industrial, architectural goodness i was totally inspired.

so i came home, headed to my stash in the basement (don't tell me you don't have a stash!) and pulled a few things.  tossed them on top of the armoire and fell in love.

i am still so in love with the mix of steel, concrete, aged wood, and galvanized.   at times, these items are scattered in different areas of my house.  but they live together on top of the armoire...for now.

joining white wednesday at faded charm again this week.  big hello to those that came over from there.  please leave me a comment and say hello!

01 March 2012

linen love

you look, and find nothing.
you look, and find nothing.
you look, and low and behold!
you score!

 out thrifting yesterday, i found a ton of this beautiful linen. 
i have no idea what i will do with it, but i had to have it.  the possibilities are endless.

the look and feel of this is so beautiful.  what a find!  just love when that happens.

this old shoe rack was also a junking find...many months ago.  so functional and holds all my other thrifting finds.  plates, bowls, urns, baskets all used all the time.  pull your favorites out of the cabinets and put them on display.  looks great, and is easy to grab quickly when you need them. 

my latest obsession is finding white platters while out thrifting.  this stack gets used often and makes quite the statement when piled high. 

i'd love to know what you hunt for when out thrifting, leave me a message and let me know.

joining in at Savvy City Farmer for Thriftin' Thursday.  please go check out all the other thriftin' goodness and her beautiful blog.

22 February 2012

still the one

when we remodeled our kitchen 7 years ago there was one thing i new i had to have...

a farmhouse sink. 
you can find them in all price ranges.  i found mine at home depot for 800 bucks. 
at the time it seemed to be a splurge.  but after using it for 7 years, it's still the one thing i'd put in again.
it's a real work horse.  it hides a ton of dishes when you don't have a minute to get them in the dishwasher,
it has been a bath tub for cooper when he was a baby, and it also makes for a great chiller for beer and wine when we're having a party. 
thinking of one of these for your kitchen?  i say go for it!!

it's wednesday....linking up over at Faded Charm!  tons of entries at Faded Charm today, check them out if you have time.

17 February 2012

garden visions

with temps in the upper 50's today my mind is wandering to my vegetable garden.  i would love to put in a pea gravel path this year.   won't be long and we'll be out there working away...i can hardly wait!
cheers to the weekend.

16 February 2012

check it off the list

i posted about our porch at the end of the year. 
but thought i would re post with photos that were taken in the daylight and with our new garage doors on.

again the winter weather has been so lovely that we have been using the porch so much already.

the new garage doors really finish it off.  i picked one with arched windows to mimic the arch on the windows of the house.

this project has been a dream of mine for 7 years.
it is fun to finally see what was in my mind become a functional space.
big huge hug to mr. traybella for working so hard to make it possible.

guess the saying is true:  if you can dream it, they can build it.

i feel like we really added an entire room to our home.  not to mention oodles of curb appeal.
check front porch off the project list.
i'd love to hear what you're dreaming about...leave me a comment!

14 February 2012

wine & dessert party

last week over at faded charm i posted a teaser for my wine & dessert party.  thanks for coming back over this week to see the results.

 this is hands down one of the easiest parties i throw.  let's break it down step by step. 

setting the dessert table:  start with a white table cloth (or in my case a sheet...love using sheets, they are large, inexpensive and can be thrown in the wash easily).

 next i layered on some lace.  these are actually curtain panels.  use what you've got! 

next gather all the display dishes you'll be using.  place them on the table.  sometimes it's helpful to add a labeled post-it note to each dish so you'll know what goes where.

 i made these food markers out of small wood photo frames, candle cups, and some stain.  i used black card stock and a white pen to look like a chalkboard.  you can also use chalkboard contact paper, but i just can't write that small /nice with a piece of chalk.  so i opted for this idea instead.

 don't forget to add some height to your display by using a basket, some books, or a box. varying the heights makes it pleasing to the eye.

 here i used a wood box to corral the plates and napkins.  just adding layers and visual interest.  a tray would also work...again, use what you have.

 the flowers in the galvanized bucket are fake. but i added some real sticks from the backyard.  helps to make it appear real.  i like the height that they add to the table.

the picture that i have hanging on the wall is always there.  i just took a dry erase marker to it and added the XO's and the word LOVE to work it into the display.  after the party, simply wipe away.

 i made and hung tissue paper flowers from the ceiling.  easy, cheap and so quick to make.  i think they add to the party atmosphere.
 and finally, add all of your desserts to the table.


 regular and chocolate sugar cookies....

 chewy chocolate cherry bliss bars....

all homemade and looking lovely and yummy.  guess i forgot to take a full photo of the table with the desserts, but you get the idea.

it really takes no time to set a dessert bar up like this (minus baking time!).  treat your friends to something special and invite them over for wine & dessert.

Happy Valentine's Day!  i'm linking up again to Faded Charm for White Wednesday.  AND to the Valentine link party at Dear Lillie blog.

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