30 September 2010

partial update

in my previous post i asked 'what do sealskin and brazil have in common?'

every time my husband goes out of town, on business, i crank out a project.

this time he went to brazil.  and do you see that ever so dark grey on the skin of that cute seal?

well that is the new color that i painted, a feature wall, in my living room...it's called sealskin and it is oh so beautiful.

the black mantel is in the process of being painted white {don't you just love projects that snowball?!}.
i'll post final photos when i get it completed.

28 September 2010

take a guess

want to take a guess at what sealskin and brazil have in common?

stay tuned....

23 September 2010

vintage market

all set up again at vintage market south....check out photos of our booth here and our new paint color!

22 September 2010

what's for dinner?

in a dinner rut?  try these yummy fish tacos with cucumber-avocado salsa.

fish of your choice {i used tilapia} grilled, or pan cooked,
tortillas and shredded lettuce.

for the salsa:
1 medium cucumber
2 medium firm-ripe avocados
1/2 red onion
juice of 2 limes
salt to taste
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro
3 jalapeno peppers

chop all of the above and combine in a bowl.  gently toss. serve within an hour of preparing.

these were so fresh, light and so good! 

21 September 2010

quick herb wreath

an easy way to preserve the last bit of summer is to create an herb wreath.
i have been seeing these all over blogland lately.

these are so simple to make.
head out to your garden and clip some herbs.
tie them into small bundles.
i used an old frame {sans glass} as my base.
tie each bundle to the frame, overlapping as you go.

i love the wildness of this wreath.
and oh my...does it smell amazing!

20 September 2010

poof :: halloween decor

i tend to prefer halloween decorations that aren't the typical orange and black. 

so when i found these cool amber bottles {at a thrift store} i grabbed them.

cool sticker labels from target and {poof} easy halloween decor.

i love them tossed into this urn by my front door. 

i'm also searching for skeleton heads and black ravens.  they seem to be in a shortage this year, or i'm just not looking in the right places.  i'll throw up some dead branches from the yard, hit the pumpkin patch for some cool white pumpkins and we'll be decorated.   might throw in some spiders and bats too...just love all the black.

i'll post more photos as i get it done.

thanks for viewing my blog!!  can't believe it was four years ago that i started it...time sure flies!

03 September 2010

junking finds

it has been a good junking week this week. 

some fun finds and cooler weather.

a super cool vintage shipping crate, an old basket on wheels, tarnished silver champagne bucket,

an interesting old bolt container,

can not even wait to add some big old casters to this shipping crate and turn it into a coffee table.

perfect spot for storage too, not to mention just cool looking.

enjoy the Labor Day weekend....i will be working away on new projects and some much needed to be finished old projects. 

thanks for visiting

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