26 May 2011

how does your garden grow?

my garden has gone crazy this year. 
so fun to see some of the herbs come back from last year.
growing potatoes 'up' in straw...we'll see how that goes.

you can't get more local than your own backyard...enjoy! 

17 May 2011

pretty vintage plates

out thrifting last week i found 4 of these adorable plates and one matching platter.
i am hard pressed to think of anything pink around my house,
 but i love these so much, that i am keeping them.

i wish there were 8.
but this just means i need to keep an eye out for 4 more
pretty plates.  that don't match.  that just coordinate.

these are perfect girlfriend plates.
because if i served dinner on these to my boys... oh heck they probably
wouldn't even notice! 

the leaves on the plates are more brown than green (difficult to see here).
and i love them paired up with my brown chargers.

it is the little things that make me happy...
 4 plates and a platter....$10
thoughts of lunch with girlfriends...priceless.

09 May 2011

if you want it done right...

sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do!

and this time, it was brick laying.

for about a year i have had two brick columns, dry stacked, in my garden.

since i have been making some money (burlap junktion), i thought i would hire someone to do this small project for me.  i explained my project to him and he said no problem.

but this (pillar on the right) is what he left me with...

seriously?  you are proud of that?!
when i said it was "a little more rustic than i had envisioned" he assured me that
it was because i was using reclaimed bricks.

uh, how about it is because you used concrete instead of mortar? 
what a mess i had on my hands.
i fired him and told him i could not pay him for the work he had done.
then i started chipping off all the concrete and tackled the job myself.

the pillar on the left is the one that i did. with the same 'reclaimed' bricks.
mind you, i have never in my life done any brick work.
but with the right materials, and some determination
i am thrilled with the end result.

so here is to all you girls out there who think you can't
just use some common sense, prayers and determination.
this job was back breaking, but nothing that a hot shower didn't cure.

what projects have you tackled ...that you thought you couldn't?

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