27 August 2010

can you help?

i found this at a sale today and was wondering if anyone knew anything about it.

if you can reply with some history on the print or the artist that would be great.

i googled it, but didn't find much.   anyone?

enjoy the weekend!

26 August 2010

passport to paris

there is a passport to paris theme at Vintage Market South this month!!

and the Burlap JunKtion booth is looking great.

 hope to see you there.

20 August 2010

mona and moi

there she was.
sitting all pretty in a gold frame.
with a great price tag.
at an estate sale i went to today.

i bought her because we're having a french theme to part of our booth at Vintage Market this month.
{i know her artist was italian, but she seems french to me because i saw her at the louve}
i think she would look amazing in our booth.
she also looks good around my house.
i think i want to keep her.
is that weird?  to have a copy of the mona lisa in my home? 
i am sure the boys in my house will say to take her down because "she keeps looking at me".

maybe it's just the frame i like...who knows...i am keeping her!
{she may end up in my booth 'just for looks' with a NFS sign on her}

16 August 2010

what is this?

i saw this at a thrift store today.
pondered what i could do with it, wasn't feeling creative so walked away and left it.

later this afternoon i was flipping through an old country home magazine.
right there, on the bottom shelf of a kitchen island was something very similar to this.  ideas starting floating through my head on ways i could us it.

back to the thrift store, fingers crossed that it was still there, and there it was!!  yeah!

originally i think it to be a commercial loaf pan.  but this thing is huge.  each pan measures approx. 15" x 5"  that seems so large for loaves of bread but maybe not.

does anyone know?

i'm not planning to use it to bake with, just thought it was cool, industrial and might be something i could use is M's new room design.  {note:  for those waiting on the baseball room redo....it's not going to happen.  we've been getting brick wallpaper samples and they all look really bad.  NOW he's decided that he doesn't necessarily want a baseball room, but just more of a grown up boy room.}

i think this boy has more than a bit of his mama in him. ;)

leave me a comment and let me know what you think this might be.

12 August 2010

gettin' the ball rollin'

i have always wanted a house with a screen porch. 
for 5 years i have been entertaining mr. traybella with all my ideas for a screen porch.
i have folders full, books dog eared, and inspiration saved on my computer for such project.

i finally got the OK to get the ball rolling on this project. 
so all my ideas are getting sorted through.

and because i have been anticipating this project for so long,
it isn't just a back screen porch anymore...it has grown.

a back screen porch with a really cool fireplace. {i believe that the only reason the fireplace made it into the plan is because i promised mr. traybella that he could then hang a flat screen above the mantle}.  i am a girl who knows how to get what she wants.  sure honey, have the t.v. and for every football game please invite your drinking buddies over and i'll be sure to have lovely snacks at the ready  !!

this long overdue project has also grown into a front porch,

and an arbor out by the pool.  not to forget the new roof, shutters, and a new garage door.  oh and let's just bump out the garage while we're at it too.

all of these photos are just inspiration for my projects. 
we are meeting with architects to get all my ideas into drawings. 
and then we will see what the damage will be. 
and then we'll wait and save. 
but the ball is rollin' and if i can get what i see in my creative mind down on paper, then we'll be rollin' in a very exciting direction.
a reminder to mr. traybella {who sometimes reads my blog}...flat screen, drinks, friends and football!
it's as good as it gets! !

10 August 2010

lego birthday party

my baby turned 4 this past saturday.

he wanted to celebrate with a Lego themed party...and so we did!

i designed and made the invitations.

i poured out a ton of Lego pieces on the table and inserted 4 candles. lit the candles and took the picture.
the photo then lifts for all the party info inside.

we put out a bunch of Lego pieces on the table for the kids to build with.

and then there was the cake.

it took me all morning to get it made.  i am no professional baker, but i always put out my best effort for a homemade birthday cake.  luckily my kids are always happy with the results.

i baked two 9x13 size cakes.  each 9x13 cake was cut into 4 pieces.  two 4" widths (for the green and blue pieces) and then the piece that was left i cut into 2 squares (for the white piece).   i just felt that one 9x13 cake wasn't enough...they were too thin.  so i frosted in the middles and topped them with another piece.   the round buttons on top are made with marshmallows.  spray your kitchen scissors with cooking spray and the marshmallows cut easily.

topped off with homemade ice-cream (a birthday tradition around here!) and presents and our 4 year old was extremely happy!

so hard to believe that he's 4....time has flown.  he's such a sweet boy and is growing faster than lighting!

02 August 2010

for love of the game

i have a client requesting a bedroom makeover.
he loves baseball and has requested his room redo be all about baseball.

i couldn't sleep last night because i was pondering this baseball room redo.
i automatically thought of vintage baseball.
i am also thinking photos of my client, in his baseball uniform, printed out on canvas.
my clients room needs de-cluttering and storage.  he is also in need of a large dresser.
 i am thinking an antique hi-boy will do the trick.

that's about all i could think of late last night before i hit a brick wall.

ahhhh....a brick wall. 
a feature wall behind my clients bed....perfect....or not??

one of the disadvantages to repainting, rearranging, switching in and out furniture in my home is that my boys constantly want their rooms redone. 

my client . . . my 8 year old son.
i am hoping i hit a home run on this one!

leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on using brick wallpaper as a feature wall....in the meantime i am going to order a sample.

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