22 May 2009

big june sale

for months i have mentioned 'the big june sale' and here are the details for it. if you live in the kansas city area (or anywhere close, or are up for a road trip!), and you love fun sales....then this is one you will not want to miss! me and a slew of my most creative friends are joining together for a great sale. look for the big white tent and come on in to find that treasure that has been waiting for you.

i still have trays to create, furniture to paint and items to be re purposed. big things, small things, one of a kind things. there will also be a bake sale with all kinds of home made yummies, packaged up beautifully for yourself or for a gift. a fun two days....i hope to see you there!

15 May 2009

friday fun finds : : cancelled for today

due to an unscheduled visit to the children's dentist friday fun finds have been cancelled for today. my son was eating a slow poke sucker (so sticky if you have never had one of these) and pulled his cap off.
i will have some saturday fun finds though because i will be spending the morning at the brookside neighborhood garage sales. my favorite neighborhood + favorite sale of the year = lots of fun finds. stay tuned!

14 May 2009

a hospital stay

seven years ago, today, i was lying in a hospital bed in saudi arabia. we were living there because of my husbands job. it ended up that i would be in the hospital for 4 days due to a major surgery. the nurses were fantastic, visits from friends and tons of flowers. 9 months prior to this hospital stay i was also in a hospital, undergoing IVF. so this 4 day stay after a major surgery (c-section) was a joyful stay because for the first time i got to meet this little guy.....

our son, whom we named maguire. his hair so white it sparkled and his blue eyes that everyone said would some day change to brown, he was such a beautiful baby. i could not believe that he was finally here. i thought i knew what love was, until i met him. *sigh*

i also remember feeling scared. scared that he didn't come with a manual! but just like making a tower out of blocks, we have taken life one block at a time. each stage just keeps getting better.

such a sweet boy with a great personality,

likes his dessert first,

has a little mischievous grin more often than not,
super cool,
very independent,and a crazy sense of humor.
and that hair and eyes? as blond and blue as ever! i am asked, daily, where does he get that hair? my husband and i both have dark hair and dark eyes, who would of thought and who cares?! HAPPY SEVENTH BIRTHDAY BABY!! i am thrilled to be your mommy, love to watch you grow into a young man, and am so proud of you!

12 May 2009

mother's day road trip

i made this invitation for my mom announcing our trip to the flea market in Sparks, KS. the inside had all the when and where details.

a tiny town and so full of junk! we had such a fun day and the weather was just beautiful. neither one of us brought home that much stuff, my husband says 'that's a good thing'.

booths set up in fields and even in some of the run down little houses. what a charming little place for a flea market. vendors were also there selling funnel cakes, kettle corn, corn dogs, all that yummy and oh so bad for you food. it really added to the atmosphere and a funnel cake every now and then is ok in my book!

tons and tons of stuff just packed in everywhere. if you like to dig and hunt this is one sale you will want to attend. they have it a couple times a year. google 'sparks flea market' and you can get all the details.

this was my favorite booth. filled, jammed pack with game pieces, old vintage playing cards and letters. i could have easily spent all day here digging.

letters and numbers..... drool!!!

i selected only a few playing cards. i have a cute idea to re purpose these for a little something for my june sale.
this mirror has since received a dry brush coat of white paint and will be for sale in the june sale. the butcher paper cutter.....all mine! i have been looking for one of these for a long time. you know, to sit on the counter of that store i don't have. so for now it sits on the work table in my studio. still need to get a roll of paper for it and am pondering painting the gold part of it black.
with two boys, there is not a lot of pink around my house. i fell in love with this old ford jeepster. she's pink, rusty and adorable.

she is right at home on the mantel. i would love to have a real one to use as my garage sale vehicle.

i was excited when i saw this sign. thought i would pick a bouquet to take home. once i got around the side of the sign i cracked up. the flowers were all artificial. it is all about the marketing is it not?!
: :
a fun day with my mom! in honor of all you hard working mom's, i hope your mother's day was a happy one!

08 May 2009

friday fun finds : : week three

well here it is friday again and i can not believe it has been another week since my last blog entry. and i thought i was supposed to be getting better at blogging more frequently?! oh well, at least i am consistently inconsistent.
a rainy friday this morning but managed to hit a few sales. i found a really large pink basket, a large white bowl, a shiny tin and some old keys. that is it. kind of lame but the pickin's seemed slim today, or else i am just picky about what i bring home. regardless, it was a fun morning. i might skip next friday and feature instead what i find on saturday. i will be hitting a fantastic neighborhood sale that i never miss...i go ever year with my dear friend Joan and we find all kinds of fabulous things.
and how lame am i ??!! i still have not posted photos from my fun day, with mom, at sparks last weekend. we had a great time. did not buy lots of things, but took many photos and will share them with you here sometime this weekend (in between a birthday party, soccer, baseball and MY DAY on sunday!) i promise to get them out here this weekend....so please check back.

01 May 2009

may day....ready for delivery

wow...two posts in one day. that is so not like me. don't get used to it...it probably will not happen again. ;)

those garage sale baskets i picked up today, some flowers and home made signs (embellished with little red wood game pieces from the game box i found earlier today) are ready to be delivered to a couple of special neighbors. the boys wanted no part in decorating/creating may day baskets this year. but M assured me that he would ring the bell and RUN because out of all of us he is the fastest. happy may day!

friday fun finds : : week two

a rainy friday here in kansas city and pickin's were slim today as far as garage sales go. but i did manage to find a few fun things.

a wood table and chairs for two. how sweet this will look when i paint it white and add some numbers to the chairs. i will post a photo once it is completed. cool, large, (1970's) galvanized bucket. i love the rope handles on the side. there are so many uses for this baby but he is in the 'june sale' pile. *sigh* i just can not keep everything i find....even though i really want too! an oval metal photo frame that will soon become a pretty little cork board. baskets for our may day baskets that need to be made and delivered TODAY! and a cute, red plaid shirt for M that doesn't even look like it was ever worn. i love my boys in plaid and i could not pass it up....Talbots Kids...for a buck twenty five.

This was also a fun find today. a box filled with lots of different games.

i drooled over all these game pieces. the tiny card sets all have adorable vintage images on them. the wooden bingo pieces and the black and white cardboard letters. oooooh the possibilities.
i limited myself today to just a couple of sales. but my goodness i am craving more. hello, my name is kathi, and i am a junkaholic. the reason for my limitations today is to save some money for tomorrow. oh yes, tomorrow...saturday....i am taking my mom (for her mothers day gift) to sparks kansas. home of a fantastic (twice a year) flea market. i doubt i will even be able to sleep tonight. we will be hitting the road early and spending the entire day there junking. i will have photos and a full report here on monday.

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