29 October 2007

tower of trays

what a week! 24 trays....the most i've created in a week. this tower of trays is waiting for handles to be added to them. the other batch in the garage is ready for sanding....i'm so exhausted but am so determined to hit my November 1st deadline. i want to be completely done with all my inventory, for the gift gallery, by Nov. 1st. i can see the light at the end of the tunnel and then the real fun will start..... a trial run for my display. the booth at the gift gallery is only 10x10. i've got visions in my head of how i want it to look, and last week started collecting everything for pulling the display together. i'll do a trial set up next week in my garage. this always makes sense to me because more often than not i'll get to the show and wish i would have done 'x'. this way i'll set it up, get it just the way i visioned and then pack it up and haul it to the show. we get 2 hours next friday night to set up....i'm going to have to work fast!

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