09 January 2008

black and white trays

i finished up a batch of black & white trays today. i think they turned out oh so beautiful and would like to keep all of them for myself! this always happens....i love every tray i make so much that i want to keep each of them. how silly is that??! i thought these black & whites would make such fun 'chargers' for my dining room table. but i have packed them up and they will be delivered to the shop on thursday.

a new look for the smaller tray...paper on the inside as well as the outside. this one has appetizer plates and a kitchen towel. add your own bottle of wine or olive oil for a great gift. a great use for the tray would be to place it by your cooktop and fill it with olive oil and spices that are used for cooking. or, maybe a lucky someone would be served a yummy muffin and cuppa coffee in bed. this small but useful tray has a million uses.

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