28 June 2009

photos from the big june sale

the big june sale was such a success! two great fun filled days, it took me awhile to come down off the high i was on. thank you to all my blog friends that stopped by and introduced themselves! it was fun to meet so many new people too.
sorry for the delay in posting photos. i had a busy week after the sale, and then i headed off to Paris for a week. i'll post a few photos from my Paris trip later this week, until then, here are some photos from the big june sale. enjoy!

my all time favorite chair....i ended up selling her. i am sure she is happy in her new home!

we will have another sale sometime early october. you can watch for an announcement here, or follow us on the friends of a feather blog.


Joanne Kennedy said...

Looks like it was great sale. I saw several things I would have bought if I lived close enough to go.

Glad it turned out well for you.


Linda N said...

Kathi, you and your friends have great talent. Looks like you had some really cool stuff at your "big june sale". Hope it was a great success for you.

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