28 April 2010

today's happenings

what a perfect day today.
it was cool in the morning and turned out warm and sunny by mid afternoon.
just absolutely lovely. 
i am having coffee with a sweet friend tomorrow. 
i wanted to take a little something with  me (i love every reason to take a hostess gift!)
so a- thrifting i went this morning,
and i found this coffee pot. 

then stopped off at the garden store and picked up some thyme.
tucked in a stick from the yard to hold my tag and tada...
a lovely little something for my sweet friend.

i also put a few other pots together for may day on friday.
it is the only time i let the boys ring the bell and RUN!

aaahhh...my favorite color of blue...swimming pool blue!
our pool was opened today and that means summer is right around the corner.
i can hardly wait to sip cocktails by the pool all afternoon while my pool boy fans me with a banana tree leaf. (ahem...you know i'm kidding, right?!)

i even had time to mow the lawn for the hubby today.
that should get me a few points!  (he hates taking care of the lawn).
exhausted from the day, this was all i was in the mood for at dinner.
more of an appetizer, but i like appetizer dinners! 

oh, and look who didn't even make it to the dinner table. . .

guess helping mom and playing was too much for today. 
hmmm...this also means one thing.
that someone is going to be up with the sun in the morning!
hope your day was happy, creative, and exhausting!


junkdreams said...

What a wonderful gift for your friend....love your sleeping babe!

Frizzy and Bird said...

I love coming here and seeing your sweet ideas.

thanks for visiting

for your listening pleasure

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