27 October 2010

B O O !

bet i scared you huh?  scared you with a post today!! 
has it really almost been a month since my last post?  just how do some of you
do this on a daily basis?  candy corn kudos to you!

and thank you to all of my readers {old & new} who come back to view my blog.  i'm sorry
that i don't always have something out here for you.
you get what you pay for though no?  hee hee!

and speaking of BOO!  this post is just about some of the halloween decorations
we put out this year.  kept it sweet, simple and just a wee bit spooky.

ahhh...and the 'every goblins favorite' halloween crackers.  i will be selling these in the Burlap JunKtion booth this weekend.  and speaking of i have a few things to wrap up for tomorrows opening.  better get to it.

thanks again for visiting....it means a lot to have so many readers out there!  Happy Halloween!!


cityfarmer said...

a month ... you're slackn'

pouring another red!

Frizzy and Bird said...

Too cute as always. Not sure Yaya would be able to handle the skulls but maybe when she's a bit older...

Jennie said...

The decor looks great! A tip for blogging, you can schedule blog posts...it is my life saver!

Comeca Jones said...

Just sort of found you in a blog roll while I was havin a glass of juice ya know me time and ventured in and out of your pages.I have two words refreshingly real.I will be back.

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