14 June 2011

photo shoot

a crazy busy week last week.
and on tuesday gloria gale and bill mathews were in my house shooting photographs!
gloria will write the article for a magazine called small room decorating.

  watching them work their magic was so fun.   you can't even imagine how great your house looks when you look at it through the lens of bills camera.

 it was a joy to have them in my home all day.  i was fascinated with the entire process.

i will post more once it gets published!
thank you gloria and bill....you have the best jobs! 


Catch some Zzzz's said...

That is so exciting Kathi, I bet you were loving that! Your home does look amazing. :)

A Cottage Muse said...

I'm so excited for you!!

9405018--Pat said...

Wow how cool let us know when it come out!

Frizzy said...

I heard through the grapevine about this shoot! HOW COOL! I am green with envy. Of course what else is new when I come over here?!

Can't wait to learn more about it.

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