22 February 2012

still the one

when we remodeled our kitchen 7 years ago there was one thing i new i had to have...

a farmhouse sink. 
you can find them in all price ranges.  i found mine at home depot for 800 bucks. 
at the time it seemed to be a splurge.  but after using it for 7 years, it's still the one thing i'd put in again.
it's a real work horse.  it hides a ton of dishes when you don't have a minute to get them in the dishwasher,
it has been a bath tub for cooper when he was a baby, and it also makes for a great chiller for beer and wine when we're having a party. 
thinking of one of these for your kitchen?  i say go for it!!

it's wednesday....linking up over at Faded Charm!  tons of entries at Faded Charm today, check them out if you have time.


MulberryCreek said...

I can totally relate to this! I have a farmhouse type sink only in black. When building our house 9 yrs ago I had to be talked into this sink by my husband and the kitchen designer. And now I am sooo thankful!! It's everything you describe and more. If you have large pans ( like big cookie sheets or pasta pans ) it is not a struggle to wash them. They Fit!! If we move I want to take my kitchen sink with me!!

Deanna said...

hi there!
I'm considering putting a Farmer's Sink in my Kitchen when we redo her. Humm....gotta give it some thought. I have never had a Farmer's Sink before.

God bless and may you have a super day,
d from homehaven

Donna said...

What a great sink! Wish I had my Grandma's old sink that was similar to this:)

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