29 September 2007

another use for a tray

my dear friend Lauri is using her tray bella tray in a most useful way. she has placed it on her staircase. not only does it fit perfectly, it looks beautiful. she uses it as a holding spot for items that need to go upstairs to her studio. i'm copying her because i think this is a great idea! thanks Lauri !

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Lauri said...

I love boxes and cubbies and when I saw Kathi's beautiful trays at a local "artful" sale this past spring - The Back Porch Sale - I had to have one! Kathi has such a great eye for design and uses a wonderful selection of beautiful papers that she creates her trays with. I found the perfect use for my Tray Bella tray ~ I have placed it on my staircase as a catch basin for my "stuff" that needs to find its way up to my studio. When I have an opportunity to "sneak" away from the rest of the world up to my studio, I have a tray-full of goodies to take up with me waiting in my special tray! Thanks, Kathi!

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