12 September 2007

getting started

hi, my name is kathi and i have a paper addiction. initially i started out as a scrapbooker. i still love to scrapbook though it seems i rarely have the time.
so with my love (& stacks) of paper, and a desire to create something useful.....tada .... tray bella was born. useful wood trays lined with beautiful paper.
trays are useful all around the house. the most obvious is to use them to carry cocktails on to a group of thirsty friends. that's a great idea but have you thought to use them to stay organized?! trays are great on a coffee table or ottoman, they are great in a bathroom, a kids room or on a dresser. i create my dining room table centerpiece on a tray so when i need to actually use the table to eat at i just pick up the entire thing and move it. trays are great for carrying, corralling & cherishing your stuff. because you can never have too many trays.

1 comment:

Linda N said...

I knew you were talented; these are a great idea. Congratulations on your new venture.

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