08 November 2007

I think I'm ready!

Tomorrow night is set up night for the gift gallery. This week I froze in my garage while creating my display. I've been visually creating my display for months and then it all changed when I actually started putting it all together. Thank goodness I was smart to set the space up before setting up at the gift gallery.
I started pulling things out of the house (my husband asked if I was moving out!) vintage suitcases, bookshelves, tables..ect all to make my 10x10 space look exciting. It finally all came together and it looks amazing. As I crawled into bed at 2:30am with a smile on my face I realized it's all worth it. A couple days later I found out that my space is smack dab in the front when everyone walks in. I'm glad I went the extra mile to create an oh so beautiful space. I can't wait for Saturday. I have over 100 trays (no wonder I'm exhausted!) enough for everyone to find something they like. Hope to you see you Saturday!
I'll post photos later next week of the event.

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