03 December 2007

and the stockings were hung...

i kept my decorating simple this year. this is the table in my entry way. i love that it sparkles and the simplicity to it.

again, trying to stay simple. i just added to what was already on top of my entertainment armoire. some lighted greenery, a star in a jar and a candle.

a small little old dresser that i picked up at a garage sale. it was orginally pink and i've redone it. having boys, i have a little collection of baseballs. they look festive placed in a silver bowl.

our tree. never can seem to ever get a good photo of it. but i love the leopard packages under it!

i decided on a brown, white and silver color scheme this year for christmas. i was getting tired of the traditional red and green and am thrilled with the results. it's simple and soothing and fits more with the colors of my house. my decorations look more like they belong this year than in the years before. so out with the old green stockings and in with these new handmade, by me, stockings. i love them! they are created out of white denim and have a soft flannel lining. i love the weight of them and think the fun, fake, fur cuff sets them off nicely. it's times like this that i'm glad my mom was insistant that i take sewing in junior high. my old trusty sears sewing machine doesn't get much use, but i blew off the dust and was glad i have it tucked into a corner of my basement. i'm also glad that my local walmart has a fabric department with great but inexpensive fabrics and notions. these beauties only cost $5 each to make. and with only 2.5 hours of time to create them, i think they are my favorite addition to my holiday decor this year.

the mantel in my family room. i recycled some small brown urns that i had and used them to hold some green trees. lots of glass, silver and the brown pinecones add a nice natural feel to the ensemble.

my dear friend christine was going to sell this sled that was in her family in a garage sale. i don't think so! she gave it to me and i'm thrilled to have it front and center on my dining room table. i wrapped some boxes with brown and white papers. an inexpensive way to continue my color scheme.

santa's watching! one of my all time favorite christmas decorations. i picked him up at a summer garage sale one year for a mere $4. he's big and he hangs with some greenery and vintage ornaments on a mirror in my front entry. i should keep him up all year....the kids behave better when he's up there.

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