11 December 2007

ice storm = no school = craft day!

an ice storm hit kansas city last night and today. we were lucky that we didn't lose power. so we spent the day in our jam jams and worked on some fun craft projects.

maguire was excited to make this match box car. (found at www.soulemama.typepad.com). we decided that a few of his friends would enjoy making them too. we found some white boxes (in mommy's stash, of course) and got started on a fun homemade present. each friend is getting a kit on how to make these little match box cars. all the pieces and instructions in a cellophane bag wrapped up with a pretty ribbon. also they are getting a small bag of magic noodles (email me if you don't know what these are....they are sooo fun for kids!), 4 pencils wrapped with a ribbon, and a few candy canes. the box ended up being full of fun things to do and maguire is so excited to give these to his friends. he also decorated the top of each box with a race car and the friends name.

while cooper napped and maguire worked on his friends gifts i did a little project of my own. i've been wanting to try and make these cute sock pets from a book called Sock and Glove (by Miyako Kanamori). this is dog and he's made out of two gloves. not bad for my first try. he was easy to make and he looked cold so i wrapped him with a scarf. dog is a christmas gift for cooper. and he is simply named 'dog' because at 16 months that is one of the words that cooper can say. maguire says he wants one now too.

i make this face everytime i draw.... it's my drawing limit. i can visualize anything/everything but can not draw to save my life. the boys have always liked this guy.

it's so fun that cooper is now joining in when we do art projects. i just love to watch his little chubby hands grab the markers and scribble away. he likes to pull the lids off of every marker and try them all out. nice mess to clean up in the end, but what else have we got to do today?

maguire. my car freak....always has been and always will be. every time he gets to draw, he draws a car or a train. he can play cars and trains for hours. here he has drawn a race track for his cars to race on. ready, set, go!!

mr. cooper all happy doing his little art project. what a fun day we had just hanging out and playing. and in between all the projects i even managed to make a pot of soup for dinner. all in all a great day, i will definitely go to bed feeling fullfilled tonight. i love no school snow days. thank you , can we have another!

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