11 February 2008

5 year old art

my 5 year old son takes a weekly art class at art in the attic. last month's creation was this piece (shown above). each week he added to it and then when it was done he brought it home. i was so excited when he finally brought it home, i had been hearing about bits and pieces of it. i had no idea what it was really going to look like.....i love it! i like the idea of having my children's art in my home. this piece sits beautifully on the mantle in our family room.

i also love that he is creative on his own. this afternoon he created this cute piece for his friend. it's made out of pipecleaners, a popcycle stick and a cupcake paper. He calls this creation ice cream cupcake art. and he's very proud of it! so proud that he wanted me to list our phone number here "so that if someone would like to buy one" he could make it for them. future entrepreneur?? i think i might be rubbing off on him!

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