14 February 2008

kiddie table

i've had this little kiddie table, from Ikea, for about 4 years. i've had lots of ideas swirling around in my head on how to paint it. i finally decided on keeping it simple. my favorite red for the top and black for the legs (because i can never not use black). an alphabet and number paper that i added car, baseball and stars to with rubber stamps fills the center. the apron of the table recieved strips of stripes (say that 3 x's fast!) in black and white. the table also has two chairs that go with it. i'm pondering the idea of painting one chair blue and the other green. hopefully i'll get to them soon and i'll have this little project done. we also have another table and two chairs, identical to this set. who knows how i'll finish it....maybe using the same colors, the red, black, blue and green but mix it up. maybe a red and blue chair with a black and green table....? hmmmm...the possibilities. what do you think? any suggestions out there?

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jess said...

I love the colors on this, perfect for munchkins!

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