19 June 2008

summer garden tour

thanks to tracey over at a cottage industry for hosting this summer garden tour! here are the photos of my front and back gardens. i really had planned on getting some more color and more flowering plants in, but that will have to wait for another time. i'm not really a gardner but consider myself extremely lucky when i plant something and it does well. if it doesn't do well, i move it and keep praying. i like "junk" in my garden...be it croquet sticks, iron pieces or weathered chairs that come compliments of someone chucking them to the curb. always a summer project around here is making stepping stones for new garden paths. we also enjoy painting rocks to add color and whimsy to our garden. so grab a cuppa something and enjoy touring my garden. i'd love for you to leave a comment so that i know you stopped by. it's nice to meet you!

homemade stepping stones that my kids love to hop on through the garden.

next garden project: train some ivy to grow up the fence in a diamond pattern. mental note, need to get small eye hooks and fishing line next trip to hardware store.

an angel statue keeps a watchful eye on our garden.

ahhhhh .... the hammock that rarely gets used. one of these days though i'm taking a nap there!

love this sphere that i made out of rings from a whisky barrel (another trash find!) it's attached by a screw to a chopped off broom stick. the broom stick fits into the hole that was in the (what used to be) table base.

there is that hammock again, calling my name....!

weathered chair and table found curbside....who could throw that away??!!

the ferns by my front door are doing so well this year. i added some height to them by flipping over the bottom pot and then sitting the urn on top. presto....taller urns! and with the buckets just laying around the garage....a cheap project! gotta love that.

the bench that i love to sit on. it's usually black, but this year i painted it blue. thanks for coming by!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful garden tour. Love the stone pathway.


Kelli said...

What a wonderful tour! Everything is so green and lush...I would love to take a nap in that hammock too! I also love the sweet path.

The Apron Queen said...

I'd love to nap in the hammock! What a lovely garden! Stop by my sunflower garden if you'd like.


Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh my, those ferns are beautiful! I've been looking to get some for my yard and have not found any as pretty as those. Love the idea of putting the pot upside down to raise them up higher.

Your garden is beautiful.


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