03 June 2008

tag sale sneak peek

the back porch tag sale is this friday and saturday. set up is thursday night and like usual, i still have several things to finish up. i'm such a procrastinator. i've known about this sale for months and i've waited until the last minute to get my projects completed. i raided my mom's fabric bin a few months back and have been wanting to make some fabric celebration banners. i've got all the pieces cut out, i even finished one in time for maguire's may birthday. but the rest of them are still sitting on my sewing machine waiting to be assembled. it won't take long, but at this point, it will require me to be up late tonight to get them finished.

these photos are a sneak peek at some of the fun things i do have finished. repainted, and recovered chairs. tables, pillows, plants, and other treasures. my favorite has to be the dresser drawers that i painted black, added cool chunky handles and casters to. they are perfect to roll under a bed for extra storage, or under a coffee table, ect.

i have three of the storage drawers to sell. the two are just stacked on top of each other. a sampling of trays, and some porch pillows.

a garden trellis, garden box, more plants in cute pots. vintage picnic throws, white distressed side table.
vintage suitcases in bright red that would be great for a kids room. small decorative items.

a couple of cute green chairs and some croquet sticks that are just waiting for someone to buy and turn into a cool project. so a little bit of everything and hopefully some items that people just can't live without.

i've had so much fun collecting and working on these items. the back porch sale is such a fun sale and with 6 other creative girls participating, you're sure to find something! i better get going on those fabric celebration banners, finish up the trays and get a few more signs made. and i'll be making yummy huge cookies to sell too.....of course, they're homemade! hope to see you at the sale!

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Love your reds.

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