26 October 2009

chair redo

these are some old dining room chairs that we have had. they now sit in their new home around our game table in our newly finished basement. we have a few ends to wrap up today in the basement, i will get some photos out this week. until then, an easy project to update these chairs.
for those of you that might have chairs like this at home, and have no idea how to recover them, you will not believe how simple this project is.
you will need your outdated chair,

your new fabric. i found this last week at a fabric sale. $5 for a piece big enough to redo all four of my chairs...what a deal!

you will also need for this project a screwdriver, scissors and a staple gun. if you do not have a staple gun RUN to your nearest home improvement store. you will be able to do many projects if you have a staple gun available.
first you will need to flip your chair over and unscrew the four screws that hold the seat on. you can rip off the old cover and use it for your pattern, or simply cut out a new piece by laying your seat on top of your new fabric and cutting, leaving enough of an allowance to wrap around.
then all you have to do is pull it tight and staple in place. screw your seat back on and you are done. so easy! now that i have these done i am wondering if i might like the chair painted white? hmmm...another project on the project list. i will save that for a rainy day.
piece of cake project! and speaking of cake.....
we went to the neighbors on friday night for dinner and i made this cake for dessert. it is a carrot pineapple cake with cream cheese frosting. so easy to make and soooo yummy! i will post the recipe later this afternoon. for now my 3 year old needs some attention.

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