04 May 2010

a little bird told me . . .

that living in a pasta nest is best!
these little nests turned out adorable, and yes, they are made out of pasta!
these are the perfect "i made it myself" gift for children to give for mothers day.

i was having trouble finding eggs for this project. 
 i ended up just buying the paper mache eggs at hobby lobby. 
 i also bought some paint and thought i'd spend an afternoon painting 20 of them. 
 but when i got them home i noticed that a few of them had some blue spots on them. 
 i took one and soaked off the brown craft paper.  and did you know. . . that under that brown paper are beautiful blue plastic eggs??!!  who knew!
  i love accidental good finds!  especially ones that save me time from painting!

just look at all the beautiful blue shades.  these are exactly what i was looking for!

get your crafty crown on . . . here are the easy steps on how to make these adorable nests.
step one: pour  1/4 cup of glue and a couple squirts of brown paint into a plastic container.
  butter bowls work good or what ever size you want your nest to end up.
  stir the paint and the glue all together until it looks like chocolate milk.

step 2:  you will need some pasta.
  i was lucky to find these small bags and the pasta was already broken into little pieces.
  perfect for this project! 

step 3:  measure one cup of pasta and pour into glue/paint mixture.

step 4:  using a plastic spoon, stir the pasta.
  be sure to get all of the glue mixed in with the pasta.

step 5:  once all the pasta is coated with the glue shape your nest.
  using the plastic spoon, smoosh to the sides of the dish, be sure to leave some pasta in the bottom, you don't want a hole in your nest. 

step 6:  let your nest dry, in the plastic bowl for about 10 minutes.
  then squish the sides of the bowl until the nest is easy to pop out.
   it should look something like this...

step 7:  let the nest dry over night.
  i flipped mine several times to make sure the bottom was dry.

step 8:  once dry:  fill your nest with feathers, write something on the tag for the recipient and an egg.

good luck, hollar if you have any questions!


cityfarmer said...

oh darlin' ... these are as cute as you!!1

headin' to the market for teeny ba'sketi

Frizzy and Bird said...

Such a sweet idea. Where do you come up with this stuff?

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