09 June 2010

a post . . . finally

hello hello hello. . . are you still there?  
so sorry it has been so long since my last post. 
and don't you hate it when people say "i have been so busy" ?
so i am not even going to say that, because i think that no matter how busy you really get, you should still make the time for those you care about.  which includes my blog readers!

so what has kept us so out of the loop lately? 

we have been doing lots of swimming.  this is not our backyard pool, but wow do i wish it was!
{photo from athome.kimvallee.com}

we have been doing some camping.
again, not my camper but so wish it was.
{photo from blog.freepeople.com}

and this isn't our tent either.  but we do camp in a tent . . . a bit nicer than this.  but what really makes sleeping in the tent really nice are the 1000 thread count sheets i bring along.  {i think i have told you before that i am a sheet snob}

we have been doing lots of celebrating . . .

celebrating birthdays . . .

soccer game wins . . .

going to baseball games

lots of gardening . . .

and just enjoying the summer . . .sleeping late, staying up late, playing, taking it easy, no real schedule, low key summer.  just the way we like them.

oh, and i finally opened a booth to sell some of my junking finds at!  so i have been doing lots of junking, cleaning up, painting, and tagging items to sell.  you can read more about that over on my Burlap JunKtion blog.

i big huge thank you to those that read my blog, and come back time and time again. 

my blog entries may be few and far between this summer . . . because you know. . . i will be busy.  ;)
but check back because we do have some exciting things happening this summer! 


daylily777 said...

Great pics ! That pool is cool !

9405018--Pat said...

Have fun and enjoy your family and summer. love your family pic....Pat H

cityfarmer said...

now these would all be good reasons ... but we will not forgive you ...cuz we missed u ...

seriously, everyday the blog thingy is a struggle ... whether to gsrden or blog .... mmmlet's see?

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