17 May 2010

teacher gifts

my children love their teachers.
and i love that their teachers are so patient, helpful, and kind. 
i mean really . . . just how do you get so many patience to keep up with those kids all year?!
i love every chance we get to shower them with a little something.
these are our end of the year gifts.
(i found the idea here and just tweaked it to make it my own).

i found the coffee cups at the dollar store.  used some scrapbook paper i had and then added the poem.
the poem reads:
thanks for your:
commit-'mint' to help me learn,
encourage-'mint' to always do my best,
involve-'mint' in my life,
invest-'mint' of time and energy to make school such a great place to be.
thanks for making each day an enjoy-'mint'.
everything you have done this year has really 'mint' a lot to me!

then i signed my sons name.

and inside the cups are an assort-'mint' of candies.
easy, peasy, frugal and loved by the recipients!


La Dolfina said...

Very creative... I have no doubt they were much appreciated!!
Teachers Rock!!!!

Frizzy and Bird said...

Love this idea! LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing.

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

Very Sweet, both of my daughters are teachers...

cityfarmer said...

oh how I remember these days ...
now my kids are having kids ....

9405018--Pat said...

Hope you had a great weekend....Pat H

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