28 September 2011

a trick and a treat

i have a trick and a treat for you today!
the treat is that after a month break from blogging, i am adding a post today.

just kidding, your treat is at the end of today's post. 

inside, outside, upside down around here lately. a porch project going on the front of the house. and with mr. traybella out of town last week, i rearranged everything again inside. i'll have posts on these later, but let's get to todays.

the trick: to buying halloween candy this early is to wrap it up!

in years past i have made halloween crackers and passed them out to all my trick-or-treaters. 
but this year i decided to change things up a bit...no surprise,
 i know {ahem}.

i purchased small paper bags (at michael's) and filled them with candy.
if i don't put the candy in something, i end up eating most of it by oct. 31.
then i buy more, eat more...you know the cycle.

i designed this cute little label for each of the bags.
simply taped it on, and stapled the tops closed.

the treat:  free printable labels for you!   just like the ones i put on my bags.   enjoy!

thanks for stopping in today.  i am glad i had something new to share!


Frizzy said...

Cute idea and bags. You're always so creative.

9405018--Pat said...

welcome back what a great idea...thanks for sharing...Pat H

Jenny said...

These are so creative and are adorable!


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