26 August 2011

for the love of wallpaper

hello, my name is kathi and i am addicted to wallpaper.
i know what you are thinking...wallpaper?  that is so yesterday! so 70's!

have you looked at a wallpaper book lately?

if you ask me, i think wallpaper has come a long way.  there are some beautiful papers out there and i also think they can totally make a room.

since i have closed my booth i have to admit i have days were boredom sets in.  so i am always looking for a project.  it is also nice that time is being spent on my home again and things are finally get done around here.

while waiting for paint to mix at my local sherwin williams i was flipping through wallpaper books.

and there it was.........O.M.G.....i was sooo in love.  i checked the book out and brought it home.  (even the cover of the book is a beautiful taupe linen...i wanted to keep it. forever!)

this lovely paper...isn't to die for?!  will soon grace the walls of my mud room/office.

but first.

i have to strip off the red plaid wallpaper (that i used to love and have since grown tired of it). 

i used to hang wallpaper professionally.  so it is nice that when i find a lovely (expensive) paper, i won't have the cost of paying a hanger to install it. 

but the stripping.  ugh.  it is hands down the worst part and it's why i have waited this long to get it done.  but with the little one starting school next week, you can know what i will  be spending my time on.

stay tuned...it may be awhile before i post after photos.

cheers, to the week end.


9405018--Pat said...

Good morning! can't wait to see your new project....not a big fan of wallpaper!! Pat H

A Cottage Muse said...

OMG....I Love it!!!
I have an inspiration board going for a little room in my master and this would be perfect! Can you share the name?!

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

There are some beautiful papers out there these days, but I wil never do it again. It's so much work to re-do and it chains you down to much for me. I do love the look though...

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