01 March 2012

linen love

you look, and find nothing.
you look, and find nothing.
you look, and low and behold!
you score!

 out thrifting yesterday, i found a ton of this beautiful linen. 
i have no idea what i will do with it, but i had to have it.  the possibilities are endless.

the look and feel of this is so beautiful.  what a find!  just love when that happens.

this old shoe rack was also a junking find...many months ago.  so functional and holds all my other thrifting finds.  plates, bowls, urns, baskets all used all the time.  pull your favorites out of the cabinets and put them on display.  looks great, and is easy to grab quickly when you need them. 

my latest obsession is finding white platters while out thrifting.  this stack gets used often and makes quite the statement when piled high. 

i'd love to know what you hunt for when out thrifting, leave me a message and let me know.

joining in at Savvy City Farmer for Thriftin' Thursday.  please go check out all the other thriftin' goodness and her beautiful blog.

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Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Mmmm, I love the linen. I have quite a bit of it myself, and can't pass it up. I'm sure you'll think of something wonderful to do with it.

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