01 January 2012

happy new year

i do not like to make new year resolutions.
probably because i do not like to set myself up to fail.
i do like to make a new list of things that might challenge me.
call it what you want, i guess.

it is nice to have all the christmas decorations down and put away.
the house is clean, all the sweets are gone and we have had some great relaxing days.

because i can not plan for an entire year,
for the month of january...
i plan to do weekly meal planning,.
grocery shop only once per week. 
seldom swipe my credit card.
organize the boys closets.
continue the Insanity workout program{this time with everything i've got!}
eat healthy.
cut back, if not out, sugar.  {this will be so difficult for me}
me more by doing less.
love more, take risks and continue to live a simple life.

i hope, that by going month by month, i am able to stick with these lifestyle changes.

Cheers!  to the new year!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

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