24 January 2012

she's a beauty

large and drippy aren't great descriptors of something really so beautiful.
of course
you are this:

a large, drippy chandelier.
my grandma passed away last month, just before christmas.  this is the one thing that i really wanted of hers.

i remember always sitting at the kids table at her house when i was young.  i will never forget the first time i sat at the big table (i was 23 years old).  it felt special, sitting at the adult table under this beautiful chandelier.
i felt so grown up.
i feel so lucky to have this piece from her.

my plan was to put her in my living room, but she is too large. (really meaning that mr. traybella at 6'4" hits his head on it)  and since i don't have a designated dining space (because i move my dining room table around all the time) i have decided that she will hang proudly in my bedroom.  i can't wait to get her hung there and see her sparkle.
RIP grandma.

~ linking up to white wednesday over at faded charm ~


Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

What a beautiful treasure you have Kathi, I am so sorry for the passing of your Grandmother~ I'm sure she would be so pleased to know that you will be Dreaming underneath this Beauty....
Have a Blessed & Beautiful week, stop by my blog if you get a chance ~

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Sorry about your Grandmother. Love the chandelier! I love having special things from my Grandparents.

Pattie said...

Hi Kathi, nice to meet you found you over at Faded Charm, Sorry to hear that your Grandmother passed away, But I bet she would be so proud to see her chandi in your beautiful home. I'm going to be on e of your followers. have a great rest of the week


The French Maker said...

It's beautiful! All the more beautiful because of its special meaning and the memories it brings you of wonderful times spent with your family!

I enjoyed visiting with you today; thank you so much for stopping by my shop.

Trisha said...

It is a beautiful chandelier with so many lovely memories. Sorry for your loss but so happy that you were able to get it to treasure forever.


Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Kathi, what a beautiful memory you have of your grandmother. It will look lovely in your bedroom!

MulberryCreek said...

There is nothing like special family pieces to add to your own home that come with such wonderful memories! I have a few and I treasure them. What a beautiful chandelier! So sorry to hear of your gramdmothers passing but so glad you have this to always enjoy!
Melissa...one of your new followers!

Sandi said...

A beautiful piece to now create your own family memories with. :)

9405018--Pat said...

Sorry about your Grandmother. She would be so proud of you. It will look beautiful in your home...Pat H

Special 'K' said...

It is so beautiful and each and every time you look at it I am sure you will have beautiful memories to smile about. This is my first visit to your special space, I will follow on my way out as I am sure I will enjoy engaging and supporting your special place now I have found you,I hope you will find the some time to come visit me some time. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

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