16 May 2008

block party

i live on a great street and one of my favorite things about it is that we have block parties. one in the spring and another one in the fall. i enjoy all of my neighbors and it's nice to get together outside for a meal and conversation.
hosting a block party is really easy. i made these invites because i can't host something without making a crazy invitation (i know, i'm thinking about going to therapy for it!) but you can easily call everyone or print out an easy flyer with all the details. for ours, everyone brings a side dish to share, lawn chairs and a couple of us chip in for hotdogs, drinks and necessities like plates, napkins, ect. we also have a cake walk and yummy cakes are brought by all and everyone enjoys playing and especially winning!
our street also participates in a yearly garage sale. it's a fun few days and the kids enjoy setting up lemonade stands.
get to know your neighbors by creating a block party....it's lots of FUN!

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