16 May 2008


we had maguire's family birthday party this past weekend. and on wednesday he turned six. his birthday request was for breakfast in bed. usually he's a little bit of a grump in the mornings and begs for "just 2 more minutes". but how can you be a grump when your mom, dad and little brother come loudly singing down the hallway HAPPY BIRTHDAY?! he woke up with a huge smile on his face. he also looked taller, and seemed more grown up. he quickly informed me that "now that i'm 6, there are lots of things i can do better now". his examples were making his own breakfast and looking after his little brother more. those first 5 years sure went by quickly. seven more days of kindergarten and we'll have a first grader on our hands. i'm afraid to blink....everything is going so quickly! it's been quite a week for him. a family birthday party on saturday, actual birthday on wednesday and his "big dig" friend party coming up on sunday. happy birthday baby!

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