01 May 2008

happy may day

we made a very cute may basket for the neighbor and dang it, i forgot to take a photo of it. i hate when that happens. we cut down a cardboard orange juice container, wrapped it with oh so pretty paper and plunked our flowers in. the handle was made out of white tulle and a sign that said "happy may day" finished it off. this is the 3rd year we've done this for our neighbor and maguire loves the idea of ringing the doorbell and then running as fast as he can to a hiding spot, so careful not to be seen. we spy on her as she opens her door and see's the may basket sitting there. we can feel her joy as she carefully picks it up and takes it inside. we high five to each other to another successful year in not being caught! i did may baskets when i was little and i get a kick out of doing this activity with maguire. the lesson learned is just that it's fun to be nice to others. since i failed to get a photo of our may day basket, these are just photos of some flowers that bloomed in are garden today.

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