13 August 2008

4 days in Guatemala City to pick up the most precious package

i took a little much needed vacation from the computer and i also took a trip. remember the baby shower that i hosted awhile back? it was for my dear friend C who was anxiously awaiting to adopt her daughter from Guatemala. well she finally got the call to go and get her! (i still get chills when I think of her getting that call) and she asked me to come along with her. so with the help of my dear husband, sister and mom my boys were cared for so that i could go on this special trip. we flew into Guatemala City and an hour later C had baby A in her arms. the next few days we had visits with the embassy to wrap up all the legal paperwork. but we also ate at great restaurants and drove to Antigua which is where most of the photos below are from.

Antigua Guatemala may be the most outstanding and best-preserved colonial city in Spanish America. The Spanish Colonial style permeates every part of the town: its houses, churches, squares, parks and ruins, also its traditions and folklore as well. Antigua is a city of charm and color where you can see and buy an overwhelming variety of attractive, handmade products that honor the traditions of generations of artisans.

this was a carving hanging on a wall in a hotel. i loved seeing all the wood furniture and wished i could have come home with some of it.

this was a wall made out of old doors. i loved the idea of it as well as the colors.

a sweet statue out in the garden of a hotel.

the garden was so quiet and serene. and then we saw this splash of color. a small market with locals selling hand crafted items. i love all the color the locals use.

i thought this was the coolest piece of art. the bottom section made out of flat metal strips represents the skirt, and the glass piece on top is the body. what an incredible sculpture, this photo does not do it justice.

the grounds at this hotel were amazing. so tasteful and so simple. like this concrete bowl of water with rose petals floating in it.

walking down the street we saw this school. i peaked in the window and saw these children hard at work. love their wood tables and chairs. some saw me and waved. wish i could have gone in and observed them for a couple of hours.

snapped this photo of a priest walking down the street. i love his attire as well as the contrast of yellow and white on the wall of the building. the cobblestone street also caught my attention.

ruins of an old church. still so beautiful.

this photo came out a little fuzzy (darn it). i liked the colors and natural distressing of the buildings. and look closely, you can see a woman with a basket on her head.

we had local Guatemalan food for lunch. served with rice and vegetables it was really good.

one of my favorite photos. i just love the simplicity of laundry hanging on the line. something, no matter what culture you come from, we all have in common.

and last but certainly not least! the reason for the trip....sweet, darling, oh so adorable baby A. she is such a good girl and i love when she wrinkles her nose up when she smiles at me.

i feel blessed to have C as such a good friend. And now baby A....someone for me to buy pink things for! this was such a fantastic trip. i am so glad that all the stars lined up to make the trip possible and i can't express how happy and proud i am of my friend C. thanks so much for asking me to come with you, it was a trip that i will never forget. congrats on miss A and welcome to the mommy club!

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Ariana Eno said...

Kathi - My name is Ariana, I am Katie's friend from college and I think I met you at Steve and Katie's wedding (long time ago!). Anyway, she told me about your trays and your blog. I love the pictures in this post! I am from Guatemala (my parents have a home in Antigua) and Antigua is one of my favorite places in the world. Your pictures make me want to go back there now! Best wishes to you, and to your friend who adopted that beautiful girl.

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