14 August 2008

for the love of trains

we recently took a trip to Iowa to visit grandparents and go to the state fair. i left my camera in the car so i didn't get any photos at the fair. before leaving the grandparents house the next day we headed to a local park. upon leaving the park M heard a train whistle and the search was on.
we found the train and got there just in time to watch a few train cars go by. after the train passed i jumped at the opportunity to get some photos of M walking the tracks. He loves trains! he can sit for hours flipping through a train magazine. so once i promised that "we'd know if another train was coming and i'd tell him to get off the track" he decided it was ok to start walking.
after balancing on the rails he said he "couldn't believe that the train wheels could actually fit on that small, skinny rail".

i love when i take a few minutes to experience these opportunities. i love it even more when i have the camera with me! i think he could have hung out here all day. that is until the next train came.


kevin said...

I'm amazed that you actually encouraged your child to play on the railway tracks.

kathi hardin said...

dear kevin,
for the record, i don't encourage my children to play on railroad tracks. this was for a quick photo only. my son is old and wise enough to know the difference and not to 'play' where danger is concerned. thanks so much for your comment.

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