18 August 2008

first day of school

every year, on the first day of school, we take a photo in front of our house. it's fun to see how big he's grown and how the landscape has grown. last year M did half day kindergarten and this year he'll be in school all day. i can't believe i have a first grader on my hands! ;) he went until 12:30pm last thursday and friday and today he bounced out of bed and said "first day of all day school!" last week he told me that "first grade is awesome!" and he was excited to have music and gym class today. i still have C at home with me, but the house sure seems a little quiet today. C and i have been on our morning walk, chatted with neighbors, played outside and i even made 3 of the 4 calls i needed to make today. i feel like i've gotten so much done this morning, including a couple loads of laundry....and it's just 11:24am. C will take an afternoon nap so i'll have until 3pm to "work". i've committed myself to getting to work on trays for the upcoming (November) gift gallery. it will be here before i know it. for all of you with kiddos in school i hope your first day was a good one.

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