10 September 2008

no tricks, just treats

we've been having some cool fall weather here lately. the mums are out, the halloween decorations are out and even the halloween candy is out! today i needed to take a break from designing trays and wanted to do a little creative project. so i came up with this cute idea. i love halloween and i love giving the trick-or treaters a little something special. last year i did a black and white theme and loved it, so decided to continue on this year with the same color scheme. last year i made halloween crackers and all the kids loved them. i think they will equally like this years treats.

i purchased glassine envelopes from my local Paper Source. with my computer i created the october 31 sign using a business card template. fill the envelopes with candy and simply staple, with the sign, to seal the envelope. so easy and so cute.

these will become part of my halloween decor, when i get around to getting it put out in the next couple of weeks. another benefit to packaging up treats for the ghosts and goblins is so that i don't have a bowl of candy sitting there.....i would eat it all!


carrie said...

Love the music you've added? I usually have my sound off at school.
"You had a bad day" is one of my favorite songs. I don't know why, but I find it cheerful??
I wanted to get your recipe for Halloween Crackers, but the link took me to your Halloween decorations, not a recipe. Do ya have it handy?

Joanne Kennedy said...

You sure do come up with the best ideas. I love these! This year I'm going with the black and white Halloween theme myself. I've been saving all my tp rolls so I can make the crackers you did last year.


Oliver's said...

Your ideas are always so cute. I will have to try this one. Thanks for sharing with all of us bloggers. Paula

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