16 September 2008

pumpkins and paper

wow, what a gorgeous day outside today! i went out to take these photos and can not believe how perfect it is out, it's 77 and sunny. yesterday i noticed my window boxes were looking pretty shabby. so i decided to pull the pumpkins and fall flowers out of the attic. all spring and summer i have real flowers in my window boxes. but come fall, real pumpkins are just too heavy and i kind of get tired of bucking up for flowers for the window boxes. so i go with artificial....and it allows me to use them over each year and save money that way. i'm back to a wreath on the front door. i tucked this skeleton head in for now and after halloween i'll just take him out and continue to have the wreath through the fall. unless i come up with another idea. is it really a gift to be creative?? sometimes i just wish i could turn my creative brain off.....
i was up until 2am last night trying to organize my messy studio. i've got two shows coming up, one in October and the big Gift Gallery in November. one would think that i'd have most of my trays done by now. oh no, not me. i'm what they call a procrastinator. i always wait until the last minute, i always have. why would i change now? my mom is the same way, i must have gotten it from her. so last night i organized a bunch of trays and pulled some papers. today i'm starting with trays for this batch of paper. some halloween and fall papers...i love all of them and can't wait to see them in the finished stage. i'll work on a christmas batch next.

so as much as i would love to take this afternoon and lounge one last time by the pool (and look at the pile of magazines i have stacking up) i'm heading out to the garage to paint trays. my goal is to get a dozen painted today so tomorrow i can get the paper in them, and then start the sealing process. i'm shooting for 100 trays again this year for the Gift Gallery (more about that later!) so i guess i better get to it.


Don said...

I was searching on pumpkins and came across your site. I not only benefited from your upbeat attitude...I also learned about Esty, which may prove very useful.

Thank you for sharing.

Being a family lady, you might enjoy a recent entry regarding pumpkins on our family blog. It is titled, "I Don't Know About These Nicknames." The link is http://sqwahr.com/2008/09/i-dont-know-about-these-nicknames.html

Thanks again.

Oliver's said...

I love the green paper with the black scroll (fleurish) and the harlequin is so cute too. Will these be for sale on your blog before the big show? I love trays! I may just have to beg the husband for one. (only because I have about 8 already) Can't seem to get enough. Please post pictures when you're done. Smiles, Paula

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