20 January 2009

a day for history

i am not a history buff. i never liked, or did well, in history in school. it wasn't until i started traveling the world and seeing places, that i had only read about in history books, did i become remotely interested in history. i vaguely remember watching the space shuttle take off for the first time in school. it was cool that we had t.v.'s in our classroom but for some reason it just didn't make much of an impact on me. but today is different.

while watching the inaugural address today, i felt so proud to be an AMERICAN. i also felt so excited to be witnessing history in the making. a day for future hope, a day that will hopefully make a difference in the future of my children. i think i am excited about today because i am old enough, and mature enough to recognize this historical moment. it is a fresh start, it is exciting and it is fun to be witness to it. CHEERS! to the red, white, and blue.

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