24 January 2009

a store of my own

a new store in town, stella grace. named after the girl name i had picked out, but never got to use. filled with treasures that i find out junking. some pieces were found in great condition, others have been repainted, or re purposed. all displayed beautifully in a casual, eclectic way that makes you want to visit every week just to see what is new.

services are also provided to stage clients homes. reusing what they have, or help them find the right spot for that piece they just purchased from stella grace. or maybe they just need holiday decorating done, or maybe decorating for a party they are having. i could do it all.

and then i woke up. yes, this is just a dream. a dream that i come back to often. a dream that between being a mom, wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a den leader, at home business owner, cupcake baker, junker, decorator, ect. hopefully someday will become a reality.

the photo above was created by visiting this site (thanks to tracey over at cottage industry) .

my actual store front would have cool, old shutters on each side of the windows and some beautiful green plants in the front. perhaps a cute table out front to enjoy a cup of complimentary coffee at. my desire to junk and resell, display, decorate, play, all wrapped up into one store. and speaking of wrapping, i would offer gift wrapping for the smalls. because who doesn't love getting a beautifully wrapped package?

when i close my eyes.....i can see it. *sigh* someday.

what is your dream?


A Cottage Industry said...

Oh, I LOVE your dream! (and your shop name!) Maybe you need to start with a booth somewhere....?

Joanne Kennedy said...

I have no doubt that if you ever do open up a store it will be a HIT!

Are you making any Valentine's day things this year? I bet they would be darling trays.

I never did make the trays for Christmas gifts. I couldn't figure out how to make them water proof and I didn't really think glass on top would be good. I would be scared it would crack if something hit it to hard.


Linda N said...

As you know, I think you have a natural talent and eye for decorating and hope your dream shop comes to fruition some day. Everyone will enjoy your work.

Willow Decor: said...

I have faith that someday your dream will come true!
And, Stella Grace will be a fabulous spot! Just keep the dream...

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